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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

The Magic of Receiving

Blog: The Magic of Receiving

In our online discussion community, A Sacred Place Where Magicians Gather, we are embarking on our 7-day Solstice ritual. The first day was about ending patterns and it brought to mind the magic of receiving, in part because of something I shared there:

An Excerpt from Alisonn’s post:

“This first day of the Solstice ritual is about ending patterns. One of the things that came up for me as I pondered this is ending the pattern of trying to do everything myself rather than receiving. In some ways it feels so deeply ingrained that it was hard to see at first in part because “doing everything myself” seems like the responsible thing to do. In so many ways, though, it robs my Higher Self and Soul the opportunity to give to me, and it blocks pathways to receiving.

As I reflect back on some of what I consider to be my greatest successes, I didn’t make them happen, I received them. I didn’t “do everything myself” or if I tried, I kept failing at it, because truthfully, it never works. Whether we try to cover all of our bases or figure out the solutions ourselves, there is just so much power in leaning on our “team” – our Higher Self, Soul, Unseen Friends, God/Goddess/All That Is – and in receiving from them.” (Alisonn, December 2022 Solstice Magic)

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As I reflected more on receiving, I began to think about some of my favorite recordings or techniques that are focused on receiving. It’s always hard to pick a “favorite” but the Tonal Creation and Manifestation Technique is up there for me. I can remember so many times when I didn’t know the next step in creating something, and opening to the Goddess and her vision for me changed my life in ways that would have been unimaginable when I was trying to “figure everything out myself.” An excerpt from the recording’s description illuminates it so well:

“When we ask the Goddess for help in creating and manifesting, the Goddess always says yes. The problem is in our receiving — in the noise created by blockages and entanglements that interferes not with having gifts, but with the reception of them.”

My thought process led me to continue recalling some beautiful and powerful titles on receiving. So often when I listen again, I not only hear something new, so I wanted to share these additional gems with you.

The Magic of Receiving: A New Dimension of Success

High Magic: The Ritual of Receiving

Legacy PPV: The Artistry of Allowing and the Majesty of Receiving: Living an Enchanted Life

Our world certainly needs magic and miracles, and we can’t do it all ourselves. It feels more important than ever to lean on our magic, on each other, and to remember what Lazaris has said so many times:

Life is a gift from God/Goddess/All That Is. Yours is to learn to receive.

Wishing you the magic of receiving in this holiday season and beyond.

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