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Our events in Germany began in Berlin, a fascinating city with a complex history. We began with two one-day events in 2013: Telling the Story You are Destined To Tell and Waiting Upon the Light of Forgiveness. Lazaris pointed out that while many thought the event was being held in Germany because forgiveness was needed there, in truth, Germany knows so much more about forgiveness than many other countries because they deal with it on a daily basis.

The one-day events were followed by a week in Berlin where we explored essence, function and innovation. Throughout our metaphysical workings we explored the exciting explosion of culture and art set against a backdrop of a history both fascinating and haunting. Lazaris spoke of Berlin’s creativity, explaining that as a city it has a particular connection with innovation and has become a leader on the world stage.

From Berlin, we traveled to Berchtesgaden, a place in the Bavarian region so beautiful it felt like we had entered a painting. The beauty there was of such a magnitude and depth that it was beyond words, and Lazaris spoke of how its beauty has been an attraction for so many over the years.

Our gallery contains images of both of these majestic and special places.

Photo Credits: Ines Sinon, Alisonn Rose, Deborah Bonaparte, Barbara Eder

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