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Lake District

The Lake District of England is a timeless and enchanted jewel of a land where the veils between worlds are thin. Lazaris has said that the resonance of change is prevalent here. Magicians gathered with Lazaris both in 2011, Walking Between Worlds: Human and Faerie Magicians Working Magic as One, and again in 2014 for Measure of Gratitude: Gathering Treasures from the “Between” of the Worlds. In both events we worked magic together to change, and also to deepen our relationship with the Faerie Realm. Many enjoyed stepping off the country roads with Jach into the forests to discover portals to the worlds of Other. The animism is evident everywhere in nature. In the rocks and trees we saw gnomes looking as if they’d frozen still a moment before our eyes recognized them. Many captured these magical beings in their photos and shared them with us in this gallery. Come, we invite you to take a walk between worlds and allow the resonance of change.

Photo Credits: Barbara Eder, Natalie Phoenix, Alisonn Rose, Ines Sinon, Deborah Bonaparte, Terry Clancy

The Lazaris Community

Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.