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The special events in Bali, The Bounty of Bali: Unlocking the Shimmering Threads of Remembering and The Beauty of Bali: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry, touched not only those who attended, but those who participated from a distance through the Pay-per-View offered afterwards.

There is something unique about Bali that touches and changes everyone who travels there. Many of the participants had previously visited Bali and spoke of a heartfelt yearning to return. Perhaps one of the reasons it touched us all is that Lazaris said that their spirituality is the most like ours, and it is the closest to what daily life in Lemuria was like. The smiles, the warmth, and the open-hearted love of the Balinese people changed us forever.

Photo Credits: Barbra McPike, Terry Clancy, Alisonn Rose, Denise Clements, Ines Sinon, Ann Coombes, Natalie Phoenix

The Lazaris Community

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