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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

In Search of My Chakras

Blog: In Search of My Chakras

Dear Friends,

A body worker recently told me that my chakras seemed in need of balancing, I laughingly said to her, “I think they are laying around in drawers right now.” All kidding aside, though, they did seem rather far away from me. Where were my chakras, anyway? I imagined them tucked away, not a part of me anymore (although of course they were) and perhaps even bruised.

Many remember the Saturday night healing tradition at workshops where Lazaris, along with our Higher Selves, replaced our chakra centers. Lazaris described those centers in vivid terms to point out that they were worn out, used – and that was good, he was also quick to point out, because that meant we were using them.

It wasn’t only because there is so much happening in the world. I had recently hurt my back, and just as I was improving, I took a hard fall on rough and bumpy pavement, really banging myself up. Luckily, I didn’t have any broken bones and didn’t need stitches, I just needed time to heal.  Beyond being scraped up, though, I was shaken and totally discombobulated. I couldn’t figure out which end was up. Even as I physically healed I was still disoriented and not fully grounded in my body. 

So my next question was: What state were my chakras in?!

A memory came up for me from many years ago when I witnessed a car accident. Everyone was thankfully fine and I did the normal things, pulled over to the side of the road to call 911 and stayed to give a statement to the police. When I called the dear friend I had been on my way to see, they said “Be sure to balance your chakras.” My first thought was that I had only witnessed a car accident, I hadn’t been in one myself, so I wasn’t sure if I really needed to do that. But they were right, I found myself spacey, and meditating to balance my chakras really helped me ground again.

Through the process, something kept occurring to me: The world is so full of chaos these days that we can be knocked off balance more regularly or perhaps more quickly than used to happen. Chaos is happening on every level, it seems, personally and globally. 

We all experience this each and every day, from the fires in Maui to the first-ever tropical storm in California to countless other incidents of polarization and violence that are a part of the chaos of our changing worlds.

As I was embarking on one of Lazaris’ chakra-balancing meditations, one of our team members commented that she was working with another one at the same time. We both were amazed at not only the synchronicity of being drawn to these meditations, but how different we felt afterwards. 

I think sometimes it can also be easy to forget about doing chakra work, but it occurs to me that, especially during this phase of destruction/new creation, we are all witnessing pain, darkness and chaos every single day. We are also witnessing positive things, absolutely, but chaos, no matter how dark or light, is  bound to make us feel unbalanced. I find it true that I am knocked more off balance more regularly than I used to be. Perhaps we could all use extra grounding and balancing, so we want to highlight recordings that focus on this.

I felt so much more vitality after listening to one of Lazaris’ chakra meditations that I followed up with another meditation. The first one I listened to felt, to me, both powerful and gentle at once:

Cleaning Chakras + Pituitary-Pineal Meditation

This meditation cleanses and revitalizes the seven chakras and brings them into complete balance and full health. It is a powerful meditation to use frequently for better functioning of the body and more powerful programming.  After listening only once, I felt more like myself. It was as if – before the accident – I had been on an elevator heading to my destination, but at the moment of injury, parts of me jumped off on different floors and scattered. The meditation was a way to call them back.

This release offers an accompanying meditation, the Pituitary – Pineal Meditation, which Lazaris recommends for helping us access the Information Light program that was “downloaded” during the Opening of the Sirius Vortex on April 23, 1994.

The second meditation I listened to also was not only deeply restorative but had a wonderful complexity that tapped me into a process of healing with my Lesser in order to let go of more of who I am not:

The Power of Chakras: Removing Blockages to Our Success

Lazaris explores the meaning and significance of our 12 chakras (7 within and 5 outside the body) and the 12 levels of each chakra. It is an illuminating discussion that can free what has been locked and frozen inside us. The meditation, Cascading Liquid Light, can unlock and unfreeze so much that has hitherto blocked and stopped us.

The recording that one of our team members listened to recently is:

Renewing Chakras 

This release functions in the same way as the longstanding meditation Lazaris has done in workshops over the years, where he tunes, tones and recharges our chakras. It has a powerful effect on our health, our energy, and our spiritual renewal. 

Lazaris has released additional recordings about chakras and we want to highlight these as well in order to offer a smorgasbord of options. Although the power of balancing our chakras can be underestimated, the results can be astounding.

Many of us remember the Saturday night healing meditations where Lazaris would replace our chakras. He commented on many occasions that they get spent and worn out because we are using them, so it is important to renew them regularly. 

The Depth of Chakra Meditation

Lazaris sets a foundation by reviewing the 12 chakras, and initiates a meditation designed to help us identify what blocks our ability and willingness — our power — to let more love into our lives and into our world. 

Chakra Link: You and Your Higher Self

Lazaris guides us on a meditation in which we link chakras with our Higher Self, and in an instant, we switch places, looking out through the eyes of our Higher Self to see ourselves as they see us — looking out through the love with which they see us. A beautifully healing and deeply loving experience.

The Mysterious Power of Chakras 

This recording contains a clear, detailed discussion about the etheric vortexes of energy known as the chakras as well as the influence of the chakras on immunity and longevity. There are references to various kinds of maladies and how to interpret them — and references to the relationship of the seven basic chakras to the issues of security, pleasure, control, love, expression, intuition, and spirituality.

Here’s to all of us staying grounded, centered and balanced in an ever-changing world.

Much love,

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