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The Magic of Receiving: A New Dimension of Success


The Magic of Receiving: A New Dimension of Success

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Although receiving may look like a passive act, it is actually vitally active. The clues to receiving are the very same as they are for achievement. There are common resistances that we have — the Dark Shield and Dark Law we carry with us, our negative ego’s fantasies and delusions, our penchant for control, our desire always to earn, our resistance to the gratitude that always accompanies receiving. But there are also what Lazaris calls Poignant Resistances: the fear we won’t be loved, an invisible clinging to the past, and pain we have not healed. Lazaris works with us to resolve all of these, and then offers us the Disk of Receiving Technique, a Chakra Ritual, and a meditation that literally helps us “receive receiving.” A powerful, beautiful tape that can change the nature of manifestation and create a whole new dimension of success. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

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Meditation: The Magic of Receiving Meditation

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