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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

Electromagnetic Energy & Crop Circles

Blog: Electromagnetic Energy & Crop Circles

By Lazaris

Well, as we said as 1993 began, there is a tremendous upsurge of this particular energy, surging electromagnetic energy, which results in all kinds of phenomena in your physical plane – particularly when that energy is not absorbed. When the human consciousness or the human being does not absorb the energy, and therefore reflects it or rejects, it bounces off. And therefore, it gets grounded in the earth itself, thus producing the tectonic activity which is so evident, which is an electromagnetic response. It also produces massive changes, erratic changes in weather patterns, certainly so. It also produces anomalies indeed such as crop circles of this sort which are often a product of that very electromagnetic energy, used in a more positive way, certainly so.

We would suggest it creates also within the human spirit, within the human consciousness, emotional volatility. And that’s why in your world today you see so much violence. Certainly violence always has been there, sadly, unfortunately, and it fluctuates. It has its own ebbing and flowing, its own waxing and waning. But now you’re noticing that the violence is becoming more emotionally erratic and more senseless, if not all violence being senseless. It has become more inhumane, more shameless. And this again is a result — a lot of it — is a result of the electromagnetic energy.

What one can do with it is to realize that this is an upsurge which is increasing in your world. In 1993 it began. In 1994 it became much more intense. In 1995, 1996, certainly so, it will continue to increase — this spurting, expanding, explosive electromagnetic energy. And if it’s not absorbed, it’s going to produce expansive, explosive kinds of erratic patterns along these same lines.

But we would suggest here that it’s important to begin with to understand that this energy is not here to punish. It’s not here as some sort of wrath of God, as so many would want to see it. Rather, this electromagnetic energy, that can produce such tragedies as tectonic activity is really meant to help expand, to help evolve the very mechanism within your head that you call the brain, the hologram that projects this reality around you — the body you occupy, and the reality which that body makes its way around in.

It is almost as though what is happening is that this electromagnetic energy is supposed to be absorbed by the human to allow the brain to evolve. And therefore, if it is, then it can and indeed does work very powerfully, very positively. But if it’s not, then clearly it can have its deleterious effects. It’s just as if when you put toast in a toaster, you’re going to get warm toasty bread — but if you put that toaster in the bathtub, it could be disastrous. And so it’s all in its proper use, the proper use of that energy.

One way to use it positively is to start developing an imagination — not ‘just imagination’ which is just a series of imaging — but the living imagination that involves desire and passion, that involves a certain kind of logic and reason, that involves the body and the compassion that one has, for example. And therefore, an imagination where you realize that what you are imagining is perhaps much more real than what you are ‘living in the illusion.’ And therefore, to work, to expand that imagination.

Similarly, work with expanding creativity. Now again, people tend to think, somewhat automatically that creativity is fine art or some performing art or some craft — and certainly so those things can be creative. But we would suggest creativity is anything that you do that uplifts you, that inspires others to become more than they are. And when one looks at that definition of creativity, which is closer to what true creativity is about, indeed, there are so many things that can be creative. A walk in the woods can be creative if afterwards you are more, you are uplifted, you are inspired. A conversation with a friend can be far more creative than any stroll through a museum, if indeed it uplifts you and lets you and perhaps the friend as well, to become more.

And therefore, people need to work not so much to develop a particular fine performing or craft art, but to do things that uplift them, to do things that allow them to be more, that inspire them. Therefore, to develop and work with one’s creativity and imagination will absorb that electromagnetic energy more effectively.

Similarly, work with intuition. To work with one’s intuitive sense, one’s instinctive sense, to pay attention to the animal that is inside of you in a somewhat shamanistic sense. Not the wild animal, not the destructive animal that so often shows itself in the world — but rather your Spirit Animal, the Spiritual Animal Nature which is that part of you that is so in touch with instinct, in touch with the earth, in touch with the Elements, which is the fourth component here.

From imagination, to creativity, to intuition, to being in touch with the Elements — with the wind, the earth, the fire, and the water that is about you — to open your senses to those Elements. Even if you are ‘trapped in the city’ you have an imagination, a doorway in your mind that you can open: You can be in any countryside you want, on any mountaintop you desire, in any lush valley that you wish, by any stream that you could even imagine. And see that’s the point: To open the window of the mind, through imagination, through creativity, through intuition, through a connection with the Elements. That absorbs the energy. That absorbs the energy.

Also, what you can do is ‘funnel’ the energy. What we mean by that is that in a meditative state you imagine that there is this funnel, yes, like you would find in your kitchen, with its apex at the top of your head. It opens up, opens up, opens up very wide, very big, above your head so that you have this funnel there. And you imagine that this funnel now is gathering that electromagnetic energy.

Therefore in the time of storm, in the time of upheaval, in the time of earth anomaly in the world — whether it be a physical violence of people against people or when the Elements seem to be attacking — if you will imagine this funnel on top of your head. And draw all the electromagnetic energy — no, not the violence, not the tragedy, but all the electromagnetic energy — into this funnel, into your own brain, into your own head, in a sort of grounding capacity. ‘I will ground this energy so it doesn’t have to express itself in these calamitous sort of ways, in these tragic sort of ways, but can be drawn into me. I will use it for my imagination, my creativity, my intuition, for my relationship with nature. And as I do that, I can have’ — and indeed people have had — ‘the capacity to mitigate some of the intensity of the electromagnetic energy surges’ to their benefit.

Now where’s it going to lead? What’s it going to look like in the future? If people will absorb this energy, what it’s going to lead to is an incredible increase in one’s capacity of sensing, one’s capacity of seeing, of hearing, of smelling, of touching, of tasting — but also one’s capacity to perceive, one’s capacity not just to see what’s out there, but to perceive what’s out there. It’s also going to lead to a greater sense not just of the physical being, but of the true being, the real self, the truer self, as we sometimes have come to call it, that you really are.

And it can lead to having something of a duality — and we hesitate to say it because people can jump to the sense of schizophrenia. No, we’re not talking about a schizophrenic experience, but a sense of duality where ‘I am aware of myself’ -putting it in your language — ‘as a human being that I am, functioning in this illusion, but at the same time, I am also aware of a bigger me, of a truer me, a fuller and richer me that is functioning simultaneously. And I can flip-flop between two worlds.

I can double-screen — I can function in both realities simultaneously.

And in that way, with the increases in electromagnetic energy, that’s the kind of thing one can experience personally.

Globally, in that regard, we would suggest that indeed the inspiration, the intuition, the creativity, the connection with nature, can lead to the solutions to problems that are otherwise unsolvable. It can lead to the exponential kind of nonlinear experience of problem-solving that can lead to what we refer to as creating a new floor rather than just trying to clean up the old one. It can create that ability to enter into the Imaginal Realm and into the new world rather than just trying to reorder the old world. You see, it’s not about creating a New World Order. It’s about creating a New World.

And in that sensing, that’s what this electromagnetic energy ultimately is here for. As people can understand that, absorb that, be the sponge for that, then it doesn’t have to bounce off people and explode in these cataclysmic ways in the world around you.

With regard to crop circles, the natural human tendency is to be looking for, ‘OK, I want sort of the definitive, clear-cut, logical ordering, structured explanation of what they’re about.’

If they were about something so orderly, so structured, indeed we would certainly be more than willing to say so. But the crop circles have a variety of explanations or expressions. In other words, here is an avenue of energy, and a lot of different people are getting on that pay phone and using it to communicate.

And we would suggest some of the energy we would clearly say is erupting out of the Unconscious Mind of humanity — of all of humanity, in the Jungian concept of the Collective Unconscious Mind. And in that way, in the Collective Unconscious, using that Jungian term as well as in the personal unconscious, there is such an amount of energy. And there is such an attempt of the Unconscious to erupt and to explode and to communicate into the Conscious World. In that regard, a chain is as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, in the British Isle mainly — but they’re happening elsewhere now more increasingly — but mainly there the link has been weak enough — thank goodness for it’s the positive sense of weakness here — where indeed that eruption could come through.

Therefore, some of those crop circles could well be seen as expressions from the Unconscious Mind. Maybe the message in some cases is that there’s something more than you, that there’s something bigger than you — not something ‘better’ necessarily, but bigger — something out there that has intelligence, that has consciousness, that can create. And in that particular regard, that is often the distinction between the human kingdom and that of the lesser kingdoms: It is the creativity that distinguishes you from those that you consider to be ‘less than.’

And we would suggest here perhaps it is nothing more than an abstract message of that nature, at times. Sometimes it is a clearer, more direct communication, certainly so, but an eruption out of the Unconscious that manifests quite demonstrably in a physical world.

Beyond that we would suggest here that also — and we would suggest more frequently — it is a communication of the Soul. The Soul speaks in pictures and in imagination. The Soul doesn’t have words as you have in your language or any language of humanness and the earth. The Soul speaks in pictures, it speaks in imagination, it speaks in picture-language. The old language like the Egyptians spoke with hieroglyphs, like the ancient ‘primitives’ that have been so summarily dismissed — spoke not with words but with pictures. What, a picture is worth a thousand of them, right?

But nonetheless, often these crop circles are messages from the Soul, teaching you a new language. One might say it this way:

The Goddess is returning, and before she returns, you need to learn Her language — and that is the language of the Soul, the language of imagination, the language of pictures.

And so, in that sensing, precipitous to Her return there come these diagrams, these hieroglyphs, these pictures. But more than just looking at them — aren’t they beautiful? aren’t they symmetrical? aren’t they very nice? — when one touches them, when one goes and stands in one of them, it is an unbelievably phenomenal experience. Even to look at the photographs — not just to see them with your eyes, but to see with your ears, to see them with the tips of your fingers, to see them with your nose, to see them with the whole of the body — is an incredible experience that opens and reveals so very much. There are thousands — more than 1,000, many thousands — of words in that picture. And if you will quiet yourself, get into the silence you can experience the meaning and the depth of meaning that is just incredible, a very full language preparing you, preparing you. It is much like when you go to a foreign country, you often are advised to learn some key phrases … ‘Hello, how are you? Where’s the restaurant? How do you get to the hotel?’

So, in that sensing, you are given the key — they look like keys many times — phrases that open the door to that Language of the Soul, that Language of the Spirit, that Language of the Goddess. That’s a whole major communication that is happening there.

Beyond that, what is also happening is extraterrestrial influence, absolutely so. There are many different kinds of extraterrestrials. They’re not all this, not all that. You wouldn’t say, ‘I met a human being once, and therefore that’s how all human beings are.’ That would be absolutely unfair. So indeed the extraterrestrial energies and beings are also quite varied as well. And some of them are using this as a means of communication, a means of communication to say, ‘We’re here, and we’re friendly. We’re here and we’re reasonable, and we’re intelligent. And we’re here trying to help you awaken to who YOU really are — not to who we are, in that sensing. We already know that. But to who YOU are.’

Often, in that sensing — and so important to understand -it’s not about finding solution, it’s about savoring the solutions. And in that particular regard, the crop circles, what do they mean? What they mean, in that sensing, is it’s time for you to ponder, it’s time for you to savor the mystery, not solve it. It’s time for you to be patient, to look more closely, to listen more intently.

It’s time for you to awaken, to realize that there is more out there and that indeed it even knows more — if you can conceive of it -than the human being does.

Also, it is important to understand they are an avenue for the vortexes of energy that are out there. There is the vortex of the Archetypes. Then there is the vortex of the Sirius Connection — that constellation that is in your heavens, the vortex of the Goddess Herself. And there is the Vortex of the Future. These portals, these openings, also use that phenomenon called crop circles to express: ‘We’re opening.’ They’re not beings, but they are putting forth a message to you that the vortices are beginning to open, to flutter, to fluctuate in ways that they have not before.

And this is creating these anomalies. And also, speaking of anomaly, certain of it is the electromagnetic energy that is surging.

So when one looks at it in that way, it is the Collective Unconscious; it is the communication of the Soul; it is the preparation for the return of the Goddess; it is, in that sensing, the communication from extraterrestrials; and it is the communication that the vortices are erupting and emerging; and it is electromagnetic energy.

So there are about 6 different things that are all coming through that little bitty slice of reality expressing itself as crop circles. So it’s not neatly ordered in the logical. ‘Well, which is it?’ Well, it’s all of them, and varying degrees of some of them, from time to time.

But the biggest message
in that particular regard, is to realize that there is awakening coming, there is an opening coming, there is massive change coming — not the destructive doom-and-gloom change that so many are so quick and ready to hop on the bandwagon about — but indeed a most glorious and most beautiful and most incredible change of entry into a world of the Imaginal Realm as we call it — where indeed imagination exists on its own and creativity exists on its own. An Imaginal World which holds a positive future of dreams, which holds what we call the Virgin Future of magic and miracles. And we would suggest these are the keys — these are the doorways. Not that one has to go there, but one has to be open to the idea — which then opens something, changes something, shifts something in your own consciousness, in your own belief structure, that in that sensing makes room, opens the window of the mind, for more to come in. And that’s what they’re about.

With love and peace …

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