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9346 Commencing the Great Work


Legacy PPV Something Bold, Something Grand...The Magnificent Journey: Commencing the Great Work ~ Culminating Weekend 2009, Los Angeles

Product #9346

9346 Commencing the Great Work
45 Day Access

Keywords: Great Work, Essence of Creativity, True Will

Price: $175.00


In the muse of celebration, the many voices can come together in harmony and then lift to symphony. Let us revel in the symphony of celebration, for there you can find that something bold, that something grand, that can catapult you forward, and your life’s journey can become majestic and magnificent.  ~ Lazaris

In the richness of our celebration, our meditative rituals will guide us to three wondrous places: the Grace of Mystery, the Essence of Creativity, and to our personal Labyrinth of Love. Enchanted in the grace, enraptured in the essence, or enthralled in that labyrinth, some of us will come upon . . . perhaps a lost secret, or maybe a denied truth, our True Will, our Soul’s destiny, or something that has no name. For each of us it can be something bold, something daring, and something grand, and our magnificent journey of the Great Work can continue to unfold.

As we touch and allow ourselves to be touched by the mystery and magic of celebration, our accomplishments and achievements can shine with a new or renewed luster. Our successes, along with our abundance and prosperity, can glow with brilliance. We can be buoyed with happiness and joy as we become more real. We can be free and freer – freer to be daring and bold, freer to be the giant that we are becoming and that we truly are. We can take that next step of participating in the Great Work.

Throughout the year, we have become familiar with the voices, and we have experienced various aspects of celebration: performing and reforming, proclaiming and reclaiming, presenting and representing, and then creating with honor and respect. During the culminating weekend for this year, Lazaris will lovingly guide us beyond the familiar and beyond our individual experiences into the august depth of celebration where we can revel in its mystery and magic.

During this excursion as we perform our rituals to reveal the sacred – the sacred of the Divine, of the Earth, and the sacred within ourselves – we can reform our dreams and visions to forge our lives anew. We can reclaim our joy as we proclaim both our personal commitment to living and loving our lives and our spiritual covenant with God/Goddess/All That Is. Together, we can graciously share our achievements and our abundances as we honor ourselves and each other.

Lazaris has designed another powerful culminating weekend. We will gather Friday evening to begin our celebration that will flow into the following two days. In the grace of mystery we can love and heal. In the essence of creativity we can conceive new directions and new futures. In the labyrinth of love we can touch our personal greatness.

Yes, in the symphony of celebration, we can be catapulted forward, and our journey can become magnificent. Our lives can be ebullient with the miraculous.

Welcome to another magical excursion with Lazaris.come. Let’s celebrate!

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