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9119 Voices of Champions


Legacy PPV Raising the Voices of the Champions, One Day ~ San Francisco, July 2012

Product #9119

9119 Voices of Champions
45 Day Access

Keywords: Champion, Change, Voice

Price: $125.00


You are ready to reach beyond your current work of this lifetime to more fully and more dynamically participate in something more. . . something more than you can yet imagine and something more than you can yet dream. – Lazaris 


They gathered. Solemn. Sincere. They entered their private hush and focused on breathing. Inhaling, they drew in the pain, their pain, the pain of those they knew and loved, and the anonymous pain throughout the world. Exhaling, they worked their magic to release the pain and to dissolve the suffering. Inhaling, exhaling they found strength hidden in their own pain and they discovered a new depth of resolve otherwise lost in suffering. Without uttering a sound, they raised their voices to speak for those who had lost their voice and for those who had no voice. Truly, they were the champions. Many of us have worked with a poignant meditation: Being a Champion. We are ready to reach beyond. As this special One-Day Workshop begins, we will work together discovering and exploring the wonder and joy‚ the enchantment of Being a Champion. Lazaris will guide us on a majestic journey, Into the Labyrinth of Champions, where we can uncover and unfold more of the strength of our sources and resources of magic and more of our resolve. As the day unfolds, we will come together in a powerful ritual: Becoming One Light, One Love, One Magic.Throughout the day, we will lift our voice to speak for those who have lost their voices and for those who have never had voice. Yes, we will spend a treasured day raising our voices, the Voices of Champions. Come join Lazaris. Work with Lazaris, your Higher Self, your Unseen Friends, and a beautiful array of magicians. Let’s change ourselves; let’s change the world. Welcome.

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