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Global Magic: The Next Level of The Great Work


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Global Magic: The Next Level of The Great Work

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(Excerpts without meditations): From Lazaris: “Often a workshop lasts two or three days and within its boundaries and within the blur of those boundaries, you have insights – many or few (one is often enough) – born of experience, and magic happens, initiating change. Possibilities with potentials swirl and opportunity emerges from the mix. And you leave a workshop with a bit more awareness and understanding; you leave with a bit more knowing as well. You have come to expect to find the magic within the days – to find technique and application within the structure of the days. Rightly so.

Yet, these days are different. They do not only contain magic, they are the magic. They don’t only hold the workings; they are the workings of magic.What we say – the words, the content – will have relevance. They will have substance in the fashion to which you have become accustomed. But it is in what we don’t say, and instead do, that is found the greater relevance and the more profound substance. As we begin these days, you enter a continuous ritual- a lyrical ritual – and a quiet celebration. You enter a magical working now already underway. Welcome, dear one. Welcome.

This recording includes beautiful as well as empowering discussions of the basics of Global Magic. This magic begins with applying the magic we know to world events and issues, but it is so much more. Beyond the obvious words “global” and “magic, ” there is a precious and rare magic that, out of the glow of enlightenment, we are ready to explore. This recording includes the Friday morning session where Lazaris introduces the concepts of Global Magic and where he lays out the process of preparation and illumination that leads to initiating Global Magic in our reality. This release also includes the Saturday morning session as Lazaris annotates the particular step-by-step energy involved in becoming a Global Magician. We learn of establishing our personal magic and its mantle as we do our mystical workings. We enter the realm of mystery with healing and loving as we are carried into the Grace of Mystery. A different kind of loving and healing happens in that mystery and its grace. Next comes our magical workings of global magic as we then conclude the process with establishing our global magic and its mantle.Though there are no meditations or magic times included in this powerful excerpt, it is an excellent map and reminder for those who participated in this magical working as well as for those who could not be there.

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Keywords: Global Magic, Enlightenment, Grace of Mystery, Mantle of Magic

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