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9195 Crystals and Magicians


Legacy PPV: Crystals and Magicians: An Awakening in the Universe

Product #9195

9195 Crystals and Magicians
45 Day Access

Keywords: Crystals, Magicians, Co-Creation Magic, Shining Ones, Ancient Ones

Price: $150.00


Crystals and Magicians: An Awakening in the Universe

In a universe and in a world that is always awakening, there is something unique, something peculiarly and particularly that is happening. The Shining Ones and Ancients of the Divine, crystals within the field of play of earth, and in the human kingdom the Mapmakers and Masterful Magicians are poised to awaken at a new level … a conscious evolution of a new kind of human being.~ Lazaris

Like the Masterful Magicians we are, crystals are boundary dwellers standing at the edge of reality, available to work in co-creation with us to bring in the New World. Even if we have been working with crystals for a long time, here is an opportunity to deepen, expand and renew our relationship with crystals. For those new to the idea of including crystals in co-creation magic, this time with Lazaris can provide everything needed to create beautiful and powerful relationships with these wonders of the mineral kingdom.

This event is based on excerpts taken from a Personal Crystal Interlude from October 2009. Personal Interludes, including Crystal Personal Interludes, have never been released as PPVs before. With gracious permission of those who participated in this event, we are thrilled to be sharing this with you now. In viewing and working with this material, we can understand why crystals are important in bringing in the new world, as well as learn more about their properties and capacities. We can also learn how to welcome and work with crystals in depth. Even if we have had a long relationship with crystals, through this event, we can expand our relationship and even begin anew. As Jach says in his introductory remarks, "Since the first viewing, I began to look at my crystals with a more caring eye, a more open heart. I became more understanding of crystals and more understanding of our roles together. Co-creation comes to mind. "

Watching Lazaris work with the crystals in Magic Times is moving, poignant and always beautiful. His relationship with crystal consciousness has such respect, intimacy and love that it brings to life what is possible for us in developing our own relationships with these beings. Lazaris works with many varieties of crystals including quartz points, spheres, cathedrals, and skulls, as well as aquamarine, tourmaline, kunzite and kyanite. From "workhorse" crystals to Ancient Ones/Shining Ones, he describes how best to work with each crystal, including surrogate crystals and the use of talismans.

For this special PPV, Lazaris has created a new and exquisite blending. We begin this experience in a quiet balance and harmony, blending with Lazaris, and are lifted between time and space, descending to a mysterious land with a strange terrain. There we surrender and blend with crystal consciousness – ancient, eternal, radiant, divine. In the presence of God/Goddess/All That Is, we listen and allow the healing of our hearts, our souls and our love. In this resonance, we allow healing and changing for our personal desires, for what our soul holds for us, and what the Goddess holds for us, all in an eternal and splendid moment. It is a sublime time with Lazaris.

This workshop also contains very special additional features, which adds to the bounty. They include:

– Lazaris showing in detail how to build a crystal grid for co-creation (taken from the Washington D. C. PPV).
– A short video segment highlighting Jach’s unique relationship with crystals.
– A selection of Ancient Crystals and their Stories as told by Jach. In this segment, Jach narrates a selection of crystal card stories he created that describe the capacities of a variety of crystals and their unique and beautiful provenance,s taking us to Sirius, Lemuria, Atlantis, Faerie and into our modern world.
– A PDF glossary of crystal-related terms from Jach’s book, The Great Awakening of Ancient Crystals.

We are very excited to offer you this beautiful and bountiful experience for both well-seasoned and new crystal lovers. Welcome.

Here’s a printable PDF version of the Session list for this event.

Production Credits:

Producer – Marilyn Arnett
Video & Sound – Terry Clancy
Editing – Eric Belluche
Graphic Design – Margie Deeb & Eric Belluche

Music Credits:

Through the Veils and Song of Confidence, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris #12
Beyond Our World, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris #13

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