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9088 Bounty and Grace of Hope


Legacy PPV The Secret Magic of the Ancients: The Bounty and Grace of Hope, Congress of Magicians ~ San Francisco, January 2011

Product #9088

9088 Bounty and Grace of Hope
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Primordial Hope, the gracious gift of God/Goddess/All That Is . . . Luminous Hope, the hope born of passion and inspiration . . . and Human Hope, with its various forms and expressions. . . . Hope waits to unfold. Within the august depths of hope, within its bounty and within its grace, grander love and greater healing wait to unfurl. ~ Lazaris

Quietly they come. Magicians gather from all parts of the world, and they bring their magic. They bring their nascent and seasoned hopes. In the gloaming of the day, they enter their personal silence and slip away into the august realms of the worlds between. As the night replaces the day, they wait for the Ancients, the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of their tradition. In a magical hush just beyond twilight, they receive a special magic, a secret magic of the Ancients: The Bounty and Grace of Hope.

Our reality can be overflowing with all forms and expressions of hope: from light, effervescent hopes sparkling with compassion, enthusiasm, and vision, to twisted and distorted hopes riddled with anger, hurt, and hate. Hope can be a miraculous gift rich with magic and wonder; it can be a cruel curse ripe with punishing angst and pain.

Our challenge is to move past our resistance and to set aside the misconceptions and tainted assumptions to enhance our rapport and mature our relationship with the beauty of hope. Our challenge is to make the maps for others and for the world so that hope can be an abundant gift rather than a cruel curse.

Lazaris welcomes us to this Congress of Magicians as we engage in mystical rituals such as: Awakening and Engaging the Ancient Within; Becoming One with the Ancients; Embracing the Myth Makers; or Becoming the Guardian of Secret Magic. During this two-day journey, our Grandmothers and Grandfathers will reveal and gift us with The Bounty of Hope, and with The Bounty of Grace.

Together and with Lazaris, we can take a giant’s step, a masterful magician’s step, toward assuring that our year can be lustrous with the animism and dynamism – with the immeasurable power of hope. We can take the steps to assure that the world can be a better world because of us and because of the magic we work.

Come, gather with other magicians and with Lazaris just beyond twilight to receive a secret magic. What an incredible way to begin a new year. Welcome. . . .

Infusing the World with the Glamoury of Hope, A Gathering of Magicians

You can discover and lift your rapport with hope to lofty, rarefied levels. You can mature your relationship by reaching into the depths of hope, by touching its core, and by being changed by that touch. Yes, you can gain much from hope. You can gain even more by giving. Heal hope, give hope, share hope with the world. ~ Lazaris

The year this event was offered began with torrents of anxiety and with a deep and cold impatience. Even so, hope flourished. At times there was a frenzy of hope that was blindingly bright or blindingly dark. Some hope was vibrant with opportunity and vivid with the light of the future. Some was twisted, even grotesque, hope that is fueled by anger, fear, and rage. A rage that hopes for failure and that seeks revenge.

Come join Lazaris as he does a stunning working of magic to infuse our world with the creative magic called The Glamoury of Hope. He will create a crystal grid as he usually does during a Gathering of Magicians. This grid can become a fountain to which we can return for Tempering and Healing Hope and for Purifying and Illuminating Hope. We can bring our newly-formed or well-seasoned hopes to this fountain. We can also work with the flurry and frenzy of hopes in the world. Beautiful hopes can be strengthened and empowered. Distorted and potentially destructive hopes can be transmuted and transformed. The work we can do with this Fountain of Hope can be monumental.

This is a special Gathering of Magicians. This is a special evening of magic that is rich with love and alive with hope. Welcome.

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