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Embellishing Our Magic


Embellishing Our Magic

Product #638


Once we begin healing our personal nemesis, it is as if a dam bursts or as if all the currents have been opened at once. There is a burst of greater light that can either illuminate or blind. In that light, there is a temptation to retreat. In the face of this temptation, it is time to move forward; it is time to embellish our magic. Our negative egos embellish things with fictions, exaggerations, and lies. Our magical selves embellish things with beauty. Lazaris guides us upon a lively and intriguing discussion of the temptation to retreat at this point upon our journey. Then he explores the several sources of beauty. From these sources, now resources, we can embellish our magic and we can embellish – make more beautiful – anything in our reality. With Lazaris, we can learn about engaging our soul and spirit, about opening to the domains within our unconscious, and about ecstasy in the pursuit of beauty. After a particularly powerful meditation, Lazaris explains several specific techniques: Embellishing Crystal/Talisman; Magic Potion of Embellishment; Embellishing Night Dreams, and Seeking the Counsel of the Muse, of Glamoury, of Ancient Ones, and Shining Ones. It is truly a beautifully magical recording.

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Meditation: Embellishing Magic

Keywords: Beauty; embellish; shrinking; “unconscious presence”; ecstasy; dominion

Price: $24.95

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