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9106 Being Visionaries


Legacy PPV The Art and Artistry of Being Visionaries for a a World Becoming New (Culminating Weekend)

Product #9106

9106 Being Visionaries
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Keywords: visionary, world, becoming new, future, duende, four beautiful truths, soul

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The Art and Artistry of Being Visionaries for a World Becoming New, Culminating Weekend

To plunge, to lift, to reach, you are eager. You have explored the mystery and magic of initiation, searching for new beginnings and new directions, and you have dared to seek new futures. It is time to unleash the enchantment and the grace of your magic, allowing your imagination to soar and your wisdom to spiral beyond the bounds and boundaries. It is time to set in motion something new and something more. We call you, and your soul challenges you: Be the visionary for a world becoming new. You’ve been the catalyst; now be the initiator. — Lazaris

We stand poised upon a precipice. We know we are mapmakers, artisans of our craft, and masterful magicians. Yet we wonder: Are we willing to leap? We don’t know if our precipice is a pinnacle or if it is a brink. We cannot know. We must wonder, and we must leap.

When we do both, our compassion ignites and our courage flares. We respond with unprecedented resolve. In the flourish of goodness and truth, and in the flurry of beauty, we can plunge, lift, and reach to become visionaries crafting the futures yet to unfold.

As we begin crafting new futures — futures born of inspired vision and profound wisdom — our lives, our world, and the world around us will change, will be different and new. Yes, we can set in motion new realities rich with bounty, alive with happiness and joy, and profound with success.

We can be the artisans of a world infused with love and healing, a world that has never been and that is now destined to be. All this and more is within our reach if we respond to our Soul’s challenge, if we embrace the art and artistry of being true visionaries.

Lazaris and our Higher Selves are there to help us as we come to this precipice of wonder and daring. During the preceding months, tucked within various Evenings, Congresses, and Intensives, Lazaris has left hints and clues like bread crumbs in the forest. During this Culminating Weekend, we will gather these clues — these ingredients — incumbent in becoming an Initiator and essential to becoming a Visionary. To find the art and to develop the artistry, we might activate our imaginations with Rituals of Imagination and assert our presence and grace with Rites of Being. In the resonance of The Four Beautiful Truths, we might activate a depth of wisdom not yet explored. With such truth and wisdom we will bind the mixture to create a powerful Elixir of Receiving. Again or perhaps for the first time, we will Dance with Our Duende to learn the secrets and to respond to the Challenge of Our Soul.

We can find those clues that Lazaris has placed beyond and between the words, thoughts, and ideas of the discussions and techniques in the workshops of this year. We can create and combine them to create a mixture of magic, to raise to an art, and to create an artistry. We can begin. We can become visionaries. We can become new. Yes. We can become new.

Welcome to the culmination of the Year of Initiation and to the introduction to the Year of Hope. Welcome. . . .

Videography by Andrew William & Terry Clancy
Audio Supervision & Recording by Terry Clancy and Andrew William

Music used in this release:
She Sings to You; Remember the Love; Divine Presence; Into the Night from Music for Lazaris #3, Dietrich von Oppeln
Comfort from Music for Lazaris #4, Dietrich von Oppeln
Peace Be with You; Song of Hope from Music for Lazaris #6, Dietrich von Oppeln
Friends, Knowing You from Music for Lazaris #5, Dietrich von Oppeln
Lucid Living #8, music courtesy of Leza Danly, Lucid Living Music

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