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The Mystique of Understanding: The Magic of Compassion


The Mystique of Understanding: The Magic of Compassion

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The Mystique of Understanding, the Magic of Compassion: More than having understanding, we are here to be understanding – to be an understanding person. When we develop our rapport – when we create a relationship – with the nature and the mystery of understanding, so much can change in our lives.Being understanding opens incredible worlds of possibility sparking our imaginations and inspiring grander love and grander healing. Being understanding, we can find the elegance and wonder of surrendering without submission, so that we can live an enriched life, a fulfilling life — and so that we can craft and forge new futures (not just different futures). Being understanding brings animism and dynamism to our goodness, our truth, and our beauty. With rapport and with a relationship with nature and the mystique of understanding, we can transform beliefs and awaken hope – transcendent hope.

During this evening discussion Lazaris helps us explore our resistance: “Many people are far more willing, even eager, sometimes, to impose their understanding rather than they are to share it. Many are far more willing to impose their old understandings rather than compose new ones.” (Lazaris) From this foundation Lazaris opens the door to the mystery as we discover the voices of understanding: comprehension, interpretation, discernment, assessment, inference, appreciation, and valuation. Then comes a beautiful leap to awaken our compassion. We feel it . . . often as the caring that emerges from sorrow. But compassion is also an intricate and complex balance of love, intimacy, and caring. It is an empathy built on feelings rather than on logic, and it is a spontaneous eruption of happiness and joy . . . timeless, continual. Compassion is a synergy: a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts. Lazaris concludes this amazing evening with suggestions about how to move beyond resistance into the mystery and thus to awaken our compassion.This recording includes a powerful, as well as beautiful, meditation.

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Meditation: Awakening Compassion

Keywords: understanding, compassion, voices, comprehension, interpretation, discernment, assessment, inference, appreciation, valuing

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