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Living the Enriched Life: New Maps to Fulfillment


Living the Enriched Life: New Maps to Fulfillment

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Fulfillment is a hard concept for us to grasp because of our unspoken resistance to or apprehension about it. For example, too often we look for a tangible thing or a specific emotional/mental success to give us fulfillment, but fulfillment is not inherent in the thing or in the success. It is, however, inherent in us; it is woven into the fabric of our being. We just have to find and uncover it.

During this discussion, Lazaris explores our resistance and apprehension. He also helps us clarify more precisely what the riches are that can enrich our lives. We are human, of course. But we are also magicians; we are also spiritual beings. And the riches for each are different. With the potential riches in mind we can step beyond our resistance/apprehension and embark on The Road to Fulfillment.

There are experiences to be garnered: experiencing happiness, experiencing grace, experiencing wholeness and oneness, and experiencing wonder and beyond. There are awakenings to embrace: awakening genius and awakening mystery. And then there is creating union with self.

The journey continues beyond the specific experiences, awakenings, and creation. The key to fulfillment is found in surrendering … surrendering without submission; it involves the magic and the mystery of surrendering self without abandoning, rejecting, betraying, or humiliating self. It involves surrendering our separateness. There is so much magic in the mystery. After an amazing meditation, Lazaris concludes the evening with a summary of techniques that include Fetish of Fulfillment; Torus of Fulfillment; Sphere of Paradox; and Reflecting Pool of Riches. We can use these and other techniques to ground the magic and to live the enriched life. This is a stunning experience.

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Meditation: The Road to Fulfillment

Keywords: Fulfillment, wholeness, oneness, grace, happiness, wonder, torus

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