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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Crystal Magic : Magician’s Oasis (audio)

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Magician’s Oasis (audio)


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Magician’s Oasis (audio)

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A rare and magical evening . . . Lazaris welcomed us to a cyberspace workshop that was akin to a Congress of Magicians. Together with Lazaris hundreds of magicians from all over the world gathered to create a sacred space – a space “made sacred by your presence.” ~ Lazaris

In an online workshop, we all joined Lazaris as he built a crystal grid . . . a fount of magic and an oasis of love. Following a brief welcome and introduction, Lazaris guided us all on a loving/healing meditation. In a moment – a moment that could be eternal and a moment that could be transcendent – we all worked magic as one. Hundreds of us worked together as one magician. It was stunning; it was amazing. It was a beautiful opportunity for each of us to “stop by the oasis” and to be renewed and restored. It was a wondrous time to regenerate and realign our will, our imagination, and our love. We nourished and nurtured ourselves. This was the first of such workshops. This is the recording of that delightful evening with Lazaris. Lazaris will conduct more workshops online, and it was with this workshop that it began. Two hours, plus close-up photos of the crystal grid in the video version. (March 2005)

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Meditation: Loving and Healing Meditation

Keywords: Oasis, Magician, Congress of Magicians, Crystal Grid

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The Lazaris Community

Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.