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Awakening Your Brain


Awakening Your Brain

Product #7004


Some imbalances of brain chemistry and mechanics are karmic choices made before birth, but the overwhelming majority are caused by traumas in early life that disrupt normal brain function. That causes some of our programming and processing to fail or never to manifest fully and abundantly. The four meditations Lazaris suggests on this tape — which include music, color, and touch techniques — are aimed at repairing the damage that trauma and shame and even self-chosen karma have caused so that our “circuitry” performs as it should. It is a four-part process of tremendous impact that affects manifestation, the processing of all emotions, our physical systems, and our very longevity itself. An immensely powerful tape. (30 minutes)

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Keywords: Brain, Longevity, Immortality, Central Nervous System, Endocrine System, Immune System, Lymphatic System, Brain Chemistry

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