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Gratitude is tangible force. The more you feel it, the more reasons you will find to feel it. Gratitude is a miraculous force, like a magical magnet, generating and then attracting so much more than you have already received. It is like a living energy, clearing the way for you to become so much more than you have already experienced. ~ Lazaris

Far from being a duty or obligation, gratitude is really a tremendously valuable energy of growth. This is a wonderful recording in which Lazaris opens with a true definition of Gratitude, erasing its negative connotations and opening to a true picture of Gratitude that involves a thankfulness unencumbered by guilt or a sense of weakness and a delighted, spontaneous joyousness. Once the resistances to feeling Gratitude are resolved, we can see Gratitude as what it is: a beautiful gift to us from God / Goddess / All That Is. Lazaris culminates with a brilliant meditation in which we go to an ancient temple to take our place between the Earth and higher planes, there to act as a conduit for the energy of Gratitude to flow to the Earth. 3 hours

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Meditation: Gratitude

Keywords: Joy, Gift, Gratitude, Attractor

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