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Shop : Lazaris Series : Healing Subconscious Patterns (Red Label) : Improved Health + Balance & Harmony

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Improved Health + Balance & Harmony


Improved Health + Balance & Harmony

Product #300


Sometimes, despite your best efforts and self-care, you have health problems, become imbalanced, and lose the sense of harmony that gives you security. Begin with Balance & Harmony. Follow with Improved Health, which can be used when you’re asleep and can bring about a whole new level of health. These can be used with any other Lazaris release on healing and health.

Begin this meditation cycle by listening to Balance and Harmony at least once. This will set the resonance and will inform the subconscious of your intent.

After the resonance has been set, work with whichever meditation feels right to you. Repeat the meditation 7 consecutive times while awake. You do not need to do this meditation 7days in a row, just 7 times while awake.

Once you have completed your title of choice, meditate using the secondary title 3 times. This serves as a closure to the primary meditative experience.

You can repeat the pattern as many times as desired.

To recap:

1 time: Balance and Harmony

7 times: Primary Meditation (whichever title you desire)

3 times: Secondary Meditation (the other title)

Audio Sample

Meditation: Improved Health Meditation / Balance

Keywords: Health, Balance, Wellness

Price: $29.95

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