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Healing the Broken Alliances: Finding Peace


Healing the Broken Alliances: Finding Peace

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When magical alliances are mended and restored, familiar and unfamiliar means to achieve the bounty and autonomy we seek seem to open. New methods of gracious giving seem to appear. Inventive or innovative ways of actively participating in living the loving, magical life we desire seem to come as if out of the blue.

During this magical discussion, Lazaris lays the groundwork for healing our broken alliances by exploring what can come from such work: We can open another doorway into the realm of mystery and we can find an elixir of love’s magic. And there is so much more. Healed alliances can be a tether for entering and returning from the depths of mystery and from the heights of magic. Mended alliances can lead to clear avenues for dealing with the grand mystery: Our future. With such work, we can sharpen our magic, create greater abundance and prosperity, and heal our pain in new and more productive ways.

In a brief discussion, Lazaris points out the dynamics of our mystical alliances that are there with birth, but that get broken in the function of living life. From the dynamics of alliances, he moves to work with the dynamism of broken alliances: What goes wrong when these alliances break. With this groundwork, we can build a foundation for healing these all-important alliances. Lazaris concludes the discussion with techniques that include Interlude with the Ancients, Healing Bonfire (Good Fire), and Elixir of Love’s Magic. During the meditation (included on the recording), Lazaris guides us to healing our broken alliance with our Higher Self. It is truly a magical and mystical experience that goes beyond words.

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Meditation: Healing Broken Alliances

Keywords: Elixir of Love's Magic,ancients, mystery, magic

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