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The Merlin-Arthur Legend: Its Importance in our Current World (Excerpt) (audio)


The Merlin-Arthur Legend: Its Importance in our Current World (Excerpt)

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With all that is going on in the world right now, all the turmoil, tumult and tempestuousness, and with the continuing crises with their threats and dangers in the world, you might ask, why aren’t we doing a workshop to help heal the world instead of a workshop on the Merlin-Arthur Legacy? We are. ~ Lazaris

In this compelling event, Lazaris covered some of the global crises brewing in the world as well as the political turmoil in the United States. He explored the undercurrent of these crises, the underlying issues and what they are reflections of, and how we can change it.

We can’t do it all ourselves; we need help. The very nature of the world’s problems is different now. When we change the nature of our magic from conscious creation to co-creation magic, everything can change. We can lift the magic from what we know to a higher octave … we can stretch for what is just beyond our reach and what lies beyond our belief and imagination.

It is time to own the truth that we are capable of greatness, and as we get in touch with that and with our innovation, we can change the world. Lazaris has spoken of the Merlin-Arthur Myth and Current as the current that can take us all the way Home. In that, there is an elegance and ease, and a beauty to this exploration that can take us to new depths.

As we awaken the legacy of Merlin-Arthur that was so long ago, we can find our new voice and a new way of being heard. We can own who we truly are.

Welcome to a legend, a myth, a magic … an incredible excerpt from the Merlin-Arthur workshop.

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Keywords: Merlin Arthur, global crises, co-creation magic, our greatness, innovation

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