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Merlin-Arthur Legacy, Part 1 (Excerpts)


Merlin-Arthur Legacy, Part 1 (Excerpts)

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Gather ’round as we tell you a story – as we weave a timeless legend right and true … in the mix of mystery and magical legend is a legacy of love- of pure love, free of suffering and sacrifice, and eternally free of martyrdom and control. It is a legacy with no beginning and with no end. Gather ’round . . . Come. Let us love together once again. ~ Lazaris

Many of us have explored this timeless legend and legacy with Lazaris. We have met our Knight and our Lady. We have ridden on the backs of dragons and worked magic with Merlin at our side. We have sat quietly with Arthur and have seen a bit of ourselves sitting there. We have witnessed the pure love shared by a Magician and a Man. The spiritual current embedded and encoded in that incredible legacy of love has touched us.

Exploring the Arthurian Legends and the Merlin-Arthur Legacy with that “legend right and true” can be an amazing and entertaining journey. Some of us will come again to this journey to renew and refresh and then to delve deeper into the mystery that waits for us there. Others of us will come for the first time, and amid the amazing and entertaining, we will discover so much more of ourselves. We can all become so much more. Again or for the first time, as we work with Merlin and his magic, we can learn so much more about our magic and about the magicians we truly are. As we work with Arthur and his dreams, we can learn so much more of our dreams and of the dreamers/dream-weavers that we are destined to be.

This recording includes excerpts from several of the Lazaris workshops about the Arthurian Legends and about the Merlin-Arthur Legacy of Love. We can work with Merlin and Arthur and with their love as well as with our love. We can explore the uncharted together with Lazaris as our guide. We can journey withMerlin and Arthur deeper into the mystery. They will become more as we do. They will engage the magic for themselves as we engage it for ourselves. The spiritual current – that current that can guide and accompany us “all the way” Home — can come alive in us as though electric. We can know in ways we have never known; we can be in ways that we have never been.

Welcome to the mystery and the magic of the Merlin-Arthur Legacy. Welcome to the mystery and the magic of the legacy of pure love. This recording contains excerpts from various workshops over several years, and Lazaris has included one new meditation with these excerpts. It’s a delightful and magical meditation to meet “our knight.”

Download a printable PDF version of Knights of the Round.

9 hours

Audio Sample

Meditation: Meeting Our Knight

Keywords: Merlin; Arthur; Lady of the Lake; Morgaine; Progression and Procession of Knights; legacy; legend; chivalry

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