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The Magic of Our Spiritual Ancestry


The Magic of Our Spiritual Ancestry

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Spiritual Ancestry begins within the stars themselves (Sirius or the Pleiades), wends its way through the mystique of Lemuria and the majesty of Atlantis, and then is deposited in the personal heritage we have chosen. These four components create a fusion of tremendous importance. On this tape Lazaris shows us how to explore our Spiritual Heritage — how to discover a lifetime where we came very close to Going Home and yet turned away. In that lifetime is a great clue, for the reasons we turned away then are the reasons we turn away now. But also, locked within the mystery of Spiritual Ancestry are great treasures of strength and talent and pieces of dreams and destinies to be reawakened — perhaps even a magical tradition once loved and to be explored again. With a breathtaking meditation. (1 hour)

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Meditation: Spiritual Ancestry Meditation

Keywords: Atlantis, Lemuria, Sirius, Unconscious, Underworld, Past Lives, Going Home, The Ancient One, The Magical Traditions

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