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Hearing the Music … Allowing the Magic


Hearing the Music … Allowing the Magic

Product #7016


It is the Law of Resonance that assures us that in the end we will all return to God / Goddess / All That Is. It is one of the overlapping laws between the Higher and Lower Realms, and all growing consciousnesses adhere to it. On this recording, Lazaris works with the immense power of resonance in a magical way: Using music, he works in the area between ritual and technique on one end and the seduction of “perfection” to begin a cycle of lifting resonance from chaos to order, and then from there to a new order. He uses the dissonance and consonance of the music to create a shifting to ever-higher levels of resonance, reviving our programming and magic on the way. He suggests working with the tapes Escaping the Entrapment of “Perfection” to break the deadening hold of “perfection” and Living Magically Every Day for its many rituals and techniques. (30 minutes)

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Keywords: Law of Resonance, Music Technique, "Perfection"

Price: $9.95

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