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Transforming Negativity: Enemies into Allies


Transforming Negativity: Enemies into Allies

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In their negative state, our “enemies” obscure our doorways and our gateways to happiness and success; they entangle and deny us so much of what we want.But in their transformed state, they are allies that can lead us to new and wondrous doorways and gateways to more bounty that we can yet imagine. These new allies can revitalize the Journey Home. They can reveal more of the wonders of spirituality. With these new allies, we can liberate ourselves from the past and deliver to ourselves a bright, healthy future. They open the doors of Optimal Futures and the New World and make real the Truer Self and theTranscendent Self. Lazaris exposes the enemies: The Dream Stealer, the Objector, the Protector, the Dark Lover, the Competitor. Lazaris begins the transformation with a process to know the enemy and then to engage it, to dialog with the enemy, and then to transform it. Then we engage this new ally as Warrior orAdventurer both in the present and the future. With a stunning Higher Self meditation for transforming the enemy. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

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Meditation: Transforming Enemies into Allies Meditation

Keywords: Defining Emotional Enemies, Dream Stealer, Competitor, Dark Lover, Protector-Objector, Truer Self, Transcendent Self, Transformation, Allies

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