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9116 Quest of the Visionary


Legacy PPV The Quest of the Visionary: Engaging Soul and Spirit in the Imaginal Realm, Intensive ~ San Francisco, April 2012

Product #9116

9116 Quest of the Visionary
45 Day Access

Keywords: Bridge of Belief, Soul and Spirit, Imaginal Realm

Price: $275.00


Beyond what you can imagine, beyond what you can consciously create, from within the depths of mystery lifts an enchanting magic, a sacred magic. With your touch, it breathes. It comes alive.Amid its enchanting grace: lost truths and secrets of Soul and Spirit, truths and secrets shared with God/Goddess/All That Is. Without uttering a sound, these truths and secrets can reveal unfathomable depths and ineffable dimensions of you. Come. We welcome you to this quest, the quest of the Visionary.  – Lazaris

At the raw edge of our imagination, we pause. We make a quiet choice. We step up to cross a bridge. As we reach the crest of the Bridge of Belief, we know: That quiet choice can change us, and it can change the world around us. It can change both forever.

Gently yet profoundly, within the Imaginal Realm and its mystery, we can touch the charms of an enchanting magic. We can work with that sacred magic, discovering and exploring, to initiate changes deep within our unconscious mind and in the recesses of our subconscious mind. We can engage those charms and that magic to unfurl our Soul’s Truths and Secrets to become more than we have been, more than we have dared to be.

Enveloped in Lazaris’ love and caring for us, wrapped in Lazaris’ presence and grace, and with Lazaris at our side, we can elegantly slip beyond the boundaries of our world and enter an enchanting world of mystery, majesty, and awe that many of us know as the Imaginal Realm. In the Imaginal Realm, imagination imagines itself, creativity creates itself, and magic manifests on its own. In the Imaginal, with elegance and grace, we can shift, lift, and change ourselves, our realities, and the world around us.

It’s amazing. It can be miraculous. As we embrace the enchanting magic, the sacred magic, in the Imaginal Realm, happiness soars to unspoken heights. Successes, rich with achievement as well as with accomplishment, become extraordinary, and love — our love — comes more alive, vibrantly alive, with individuality, joy, authority, and freedom.

The magnificent world of the Imaginal responds to so many of our yearnings and longings, to so many of our dreams and visions. And it holds so much more: our truer powers, our slumbering strengths, and the transcendent nature of our Future Self.

Upon this Quest of the Visionary we will work with familiar rituals such as Engaging the Mystic Eyes of Soul and Infusions of Spirit’s Light or Embracing Spirit’s Dance. We will explore new rituals such as The Rites of Soul’s Truths and Spirit’s Secrets, Visions of Forever, or Revelations of the Lotus. Weaving the truths and secrets with enchantment, we can emerge more. We can expand our presence and our grace, and we can lift our magic. We can deepen our visions and strengthen our dreams.

Welcome to another one of those journeys that seems to change everything. Welcome to another loving and magical excursion with Lazaris that joyously lifts us beyond our imagination and expectation.

Reclaiming the Lost Treasures of Enchantment, An Evening with Lazaris

“It is a spirited life with the presence of Soul. It flows with imagination and creativity, and with direction and purpose. It is vivid with passion and vibrant with beauty. An enchanted life is intense. ” – Lazaris

An enchanted life is spellbinding with mystery and wonder and alive with order and purpose tempered by meaningful significance and value. It also touches our heart and moves our Soul because an enchanted life is rich with forgiveness and luminous with ample opportunities for second chances. An enchanted life sparkles with charms that are tucked away in beautiful chaos and discreetly hidden in the recesses of elegant order. An enchanted life is alluring. It can be stunning.

Lazaris has designed a magical working. We can move through the beautiful chaos collecting the charms that we’ve lost or relinquished and discovering charms we never imagined. As we surrender to the elegant order from the Union of Forgiveness to the Mystery of Magic, the Lost Treasures of Enchantment can come alive. We can reclaim what we have lost.

As we reclaim the lost, we can begin to re-enchant ourselves, our lives, and our realities. Infused with mystery and wonder, rich with forgiveness, and luminous with second chances, we can become more. We can be more.

Welcome, as you join with other magicians and with Lazaris for an enchanted evening of magic. Open to an enchanted life that embraces the immortal, the eternal, and the sacred. Open to an enchanted reality, and rejoice with everyday miracles and revelatory moments. Welcome.

The Lazaris Community

Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.