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Magic in the Telling: Imaginal Realm


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Magic in the Telling: Imaginal Realm

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Once I enter the Imaginal, I always find myself on a country road. Powdery dirt. Soft gravel. A seemingly endless arbor of lush green and way ahead there is a curve that I can’t see beyond. I stand there and in great detail, I open my senses. I do this because when my resonance enters the resonance of the Imaginal Realm its standing wave will collapse. Shape-shifting. I stay right there until I have opened my familiar senses and then some if not all of my unfamiliar ones. During that pause, when the shape shifting has stopped, I know a new resonance is established: A new standing wave emerges. ~ Jach, A Sacred Place Where Magicians Gather Online Community

The Imaginal Realm is a uniquely powerful space where imagination imagines itself, creativity creates itself, and magic manifests on its own. The magnificent world of the Imaginal responds to so many of our yearnings and longings, to so many of our dreams and visions. And it holds so much more: our truer powers, our slumbering strengths, and the transcendent nature of our Future Self. Here, with elegance and grace, we can shift, lift, and change ourselves, our realities, and the world around us. This particular series of Magic Times illuminates potent ways that people work with the Imaginal, particularly with Faerie, and how incredibly powerful it can be in our lives.

Lazaris Describing how Magic Time works

This particular Magic in the Telling focuses upon Hope and Inspiration. Lazaris has often spoken of how Hope is seen as a “last resort, ” yet is an incredibly powerful energy. Even in the darkest of chaos there is hope.

And inspiration … so often people wonder, “I have so much to share with the world. How can I be an inspiration?”

There is a panoply of Magic Times in this offering … you can let this be your Magic Time.

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