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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Resonance : Wisdom and Freedom of Soul and Spirit: Awakening and Maturing Truer Self

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Wisdom and Freedom of Soul and Spirit: Awakening and Maturing Truer Self


Wisdom and Freedom of Soul and Spirit: Awakening and Maturing Truer Self

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Illumination … it involves seeking meaning that leads us to greater understanding – to enlightenment; it calls us to perception that stimulates conception of a unique nature. Illumination deals with the light and the Light, but it also deals with darkness. Illumination comes when we can create rapport – when we can finally “dance with the light and the dark.” There are many ways to seek and work with illumination. During this magical evening Lazaris focuses on one of the most powerful and mysterious means of garnering and gaining illumination.

The expansive exploration begins with meeting the players: Soul, Spirit, Twelve Aspects of Self, and our Truer Self. It unfolds as Lazaris guides us through the terrain of energies and forces: Wisdom, Freedom, and Awakening and Maturing.

The magic then magic leaps as we work with the preparation, illumination, initiation, and the resolution, which can trigger that awakening and that maturing of the visionary transcendent dreamer who is our Truer Self. The conclusion: We can call upon the wisdom of our Soul and the freedom of our Spirit, and we can gather the many faces (the many voices) of Self. We can generate union – union with Self – that creates a resonance or a standing wave. This resonance, more powerful than the components that compose it, can awaken our Truer Self and mature it. Awakened and matured, our Soul becomes freer and our Spirit wiser. In turn, our Truer Self becomes more fully awake and more completely mature. A self-sustaining, self-perpetuating magic is set in motion. Either in the foreground or background, this awakening and maturing continues with greater wisdom and greater freedom. It’s amazing; it can be astounding.

Meditation created especially for this recording.

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Keywords: truer self, wisdom, freedom,soul, spirit, enlightenment, aspects of self

Price: $24.95

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