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Giving Voice to Your Soul: Greater Spiritual Depth


Giving Voice to Your Soul: Greater Spiritual Depth

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Once the Initiations of the Soul were conscious, the Soul’s voice clear. But in a consensus reality which has reduced it to myth, the Soul, with its love, with its gifts, reaches us the only ways it can: through the enchanted moments and through the crises of our lives. On this release, Lazaris outlines the Seven Faces of the Soul — the Name, the Power, the Eternal Youth, the Wounding, the Shadow, The Double, and the Remain — and provides the means to create the Sacred Place where our Soul can talk to us. The meditation is a treasure: It creates a beautiful resonance in which the Faces of the Soul converge into one and speak to us. We see through their eyes the love God / Goddess / All That Is has for us. Lazaris completes the recording with a beautiful Blending. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Voice of the Soul Meditation

Keywords: Streaming; Download, Faces of the Soul, Sacred Place of the Soul, Pain, Struggle, Enchanted Moments, Lazaris Blending, The Shadow, The Wounding

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