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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Hope : The Forgotten Portal (video)

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The Forgotten Portal (video)


The Forgotten Portal (video)

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From: The Bounty of Bali: Unlocking the Shimmering Threads of Remembering

So often, too often, there are things that we just can’t or won’t forgive, and these that we perceive as “unforgivable, ” whether it be in ourselves or another, ends up keeping us stuck to a certain degree. Also, we judge our own pain, and that judgment only keeps the pain locked in place. It holds us back in a terrible stranglehold. In this deeply moving ritual, we experience, in meditative form, how what we judge and what we refuse to forgive, in ourselves and in others, causes us pain and utterly traps us emotionally. And with Lazaris’ help, we do it … we forgive the unforgivable. There are no adequate words to describe the freedom that floods in, the love that we can open up to. As we let go of what has trapped us, we can open up to how The Universe (God / Goddess / All That Is, our Higher Selves and Souls) perceives us … we can open to connecting to their beautiful memories, rich with more love than we have ever imagined. In this healing meditation we work together with Lazaris to help each heal and manifest our dreams. A profound, life-changing experience.

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Meditation: The Forgotten Portal

Keywords: Bali, remembering, forgiveness, pain

Price: $19.95

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