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Unraveling & Activating the Greatest Secret of Success


Unraveling & Activating the Greatest Secret of Success

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We know success; we understand and can release what Lazaris calls the “standard bearing” fears of success. We can accept and respond to the legitimate fears that always accompany success. We even understand the greatest secret of success, but we have yet to unravel it; we have yet to truly activate it to generate unlimited and unstoppable success in our reality and in our world. This discussion explores this greatest singular secret and Lazaris helps us reveal the hidden within it: Becoming more conscious, the importance and power of choice, the nature of choice, and the balance of power between consciousness and choice are the steps to unraveling. We can create an alliance between our unconscious power and our conscious choice, and the result: Success becomes both unlimited and unstoppable. Lazaris continues this delightful and magical evening with further exploration of how we can activate this secret . . . how we can let it thrive in our reality. With preparation, illumination, initiation, and then with the interplay of personal myth, this greatest secret can come alive and our magic can be joyous as well as triumphant. A powerful meditation is included.

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Meditation: Capsule of Love/Will

Keywords: Success, Love, Will, Choice, Fear, Secret

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