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Shop : Mystery and Magic : Crystal Magic : Finding Lost Dreams: Magical Keys to Abundant Success

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Finding Lost Dreams: Magical Keys to Abundant Success


Finding Lost Dreams: Magical Keys to Abundant Success

Product #622


Lazaris explains that we are currently at a powerful plateau in our never-ending quest for greater happiness and success; we are ready for new heights of success and for new horizons of abundance. With that introduction, Lazaris lays the foundation for understanding the value of our lost dreams: new resolve, threads of Oneness, finding more of ourselves – our Valued Selves – and being able to forgive the “unforgivable” in our reality. To successfully utilize our lost dreams, Lazaris suggests that we need to achieve three things: Healing our Reluctance to face our lost dreams; Facing our Objector/Protector, and Willingness to Be Abundant. And Lazaris offers new insights for healing, facing, and for embracing our willingness. Free of these encumbrances, we can work with the new and exciting techniques that Lazaris details: Lost Dreams Meditation; Recounting Dreams; Dance of Wills; Crystal/Talisman Work. Includes a magically powerful meditation that is both mystical and liberating.

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Meditation: Lost Dreams Meditation

Keywords: Dreams, Objector/Protector, Recounting Dreams, Abundance, forgiveness, threads of alliance; Valued Self

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