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Resonance Magic: The Remarkable Power of Unconscious Presence


Resonance Magic: The Remarkable Power of Unconscious Presence

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Unstoppable power . . . somewhere within the midst of our magic, amid the many powers of magic at our disposal, there is a unique power that, once activated, cannot be stopped. Unstoppable success . . . when we make the most powerful choices most consciously, our success can be both unlimited and unstoppable.The key to our unstoppable power and to creating unstoppable success lies within a precious and rare domain where our unconscious and conscious can become one: it lies within unconscious presence. Resonance magic is critical to utilizing that key; it is vital to accessing the unstoppable in our magic and of our success. During this exploration, Lazaris reviews resonance and resonance magic and clearly defines the nine domains of unconscious presence: the nine locations where our unconscious and conscious minds become one mind. Then he outlines and guides us upon a remarkable journey. It begins withexploration of necessity and chance, moves into reflection to step outside the Sets of Necessity and Chance. We then enter the liminal: that mysterious place and state “between.” Within the liminal, with focus & release we can empty ourselves of all thought and all feeling so that we can engage our mind beyond our conscious mind. Seeking clarity & purity, we reach beyond our unconscious mind to experience our truer self, to reside beyond self-doubt, and to be confident of our self-liberating freedom. Then we can experience the domains of unconscious presence.

Working magic here . . . our mystical power can be unstoppable; our successes can be unlimited and unstoppable as well. The evening’s meditation is truly a metaphysical treat.

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Meditation: The Journey to Unconscious Presence

Keywords: resonance, unconscious, presence, essence, nine domains, liminal, dominion, power, truer self

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