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Love / Self-Love


Love / Self-Love

Product #309


Everyone seeks love. One of the most profound goals in life is to fully love yourself and others. These recordings help repattern your powerful subconscious mind and orient it towards allowing ever-more-powerful levels of self-love, and an ever-greater capacity for loving others. Increased love ripples through every area of your life, affecting your feelings about yourself, your relationships with others, and your love and tenderness for and with the Divine.

Begin with either recording, and work with it 7 consecutive days, 2 times per day. This sets the positive programming in your subconscious mind and allows its impact to be more fully demonstrated in your life.

When you have finished the first recording work with the other in a similar fashion.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Self - Love Meditation / Love Meditation

Keywords: Self-Love, Love, being love

Price: $29.95

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