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Building the Dream Your Higher Self Has for You


Building the Dream Your Higher Self Has for You

Product #6001


As you become more successful at creating and manifesting dreams and visions, there is a byproduct to that success: It opens the door to the dreams your Higher Self has for you. With this tape Lazaris first explores the seven types of dreams, and the importance of dreaming to our brain development, our immune system, and our very capacity to create our own reality, by continually revitalizing our tools and raw materials. Dreaming is also important because through dreams our Higher Self makes itself known — and reveals its own supremely positive dream for us. With a beautiful meditation and a powerful seven-step process, the Higher Self’s dream for us begins to reveal itself in gestalts, intuitions, and night dreams, in a ever-unfolding relationship of love and celebration that builds and grows for a lifetime. (1 hour)

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Meditation: Higher Self, Unconscious, Subconscious, Passion, Compassion, Enthusiasm, Empathy, Sleeping and Waking Dreams, Day Dreams, Meditation, Intuition, Gestalts, Conscious Dreams and Visions, Blockages, Cont

Keywords: Building the Higher Self's Dream, Higher Self, dreaming,brain

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