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Ending the Pain


Ending the Pain

Product #460


It is often erroneously seen as foolishness, a sign of weakness, an indication of undeservability, and wrongness. In our tendency toward spiritual self-blackmail, it is a source of shame, an indication that we are not evolved. But pain — be it physical, mental, emotional or spiritual — is actually a synergy of the separation from and the longing for very specific things. Lazaris explores the clues that let us know we have pain to deal with: our self-punishment and self-sabotage, our attraction to violence or to others’ sorrow. And he explores the Phases of Pain, which can include depression and loneliness, obsession and betrayal, pride and anxiety. He outlines seven powerful techniques, including the meditation on this tape and a dream technique, to really end the pain. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours…

Audio Sample

Meditation: House of Pain Meditation

Keywords: Pain, Control, Betrayal, Perfectionism, Anxiety, Depression, Obsession, Dream Techniques, Storytelling Technique, Personification of Higher Self, Masks of Pain, Hurt, Sleep Disorders

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