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The Essence of Creation: Touching Personal Greatness (Excerpts)


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The Essence of Creation: Touching Personal Greatness (Excerpts)

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On Sunday mornings of workshops, Lazaris explores how we can carry the magic and miracles of the workshop into the weeks and months that follow. This recording of excerpts includes a discussion to work with Reservoirs of Lost Creativity, The New Map of Magic, The Touch of Greatness, and Essence.While talking of the Reservoirs of Lost Creativity, Lazaris offers us incredible insight into what happens to the creative person within our consensus reality as their creativity wanes, and insight into the suffering and struggling that most creative people endure in their unwitting attempts to retrieve that creativity. Of course, Lazaris offers an alternative to us who are magicians. Lazaris also details the use of the New Map of Magic. It is a powerful tool to work with the Essence of Creation and with Personal Greatness, and it is an incredible map for the workings of all kinds of magic. This discussion is a gem and is presented as an excerpt from the Culminating Weekend of 2002. No meditation. 1 hour, 2 minutes

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Keywords: Essence; Creativity; Greatness; Map

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