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9327 Magical Workings Maui 2006


Legacy PPV Congress of Magicians: Infusions of Love - Magical Workings for Healing the Earth ~ Maui 2006

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9327 Magical Workings Maui 2006
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Dear Friends,

In 2006, we journeyed to Maui for one of our first-ever special events. As many of you know, this tradition bloomed into special events, first within the United States – Charleston, DC, Kauai, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite – and then onward to traveling around the world – England, Iceland, Germany, Italy, Bali, New Zealand, and Spain.

At that time, we were only beginning to explore the possibility of recording events, so it was a test, and since this was one of the first, it’s in standard definition, with one camera shot. However, while technically it isn’t as sophisticated as the PPVs have become, Lazaris’ love pours out, and the material is as rich as we had hoped. It was an incredible event and it makes us feel even more grateful that we have the ability to dip into the magic of PPVs.

Also, Lazaris recorded three new meditations for this event, which we are thrilled about.

Whether you were there in 2006 and want to revisit the experience, or whether you will be participating in this event for the first time, we hope you join us for this very special Gathering of Magicians and Congress of Magicians.

Download a printable PDF version of the session list and music credits for this event.

The original flier for the Maui events follow . . .

A Gathering of Magicians: Celebrating Grander Love

Congress of Magicians: Infusions of Love – Magical Workings for Healing the Earth

We invite you to come with us to a sacred place . . . a place where magicians gather.come with us to a secret place … an enchanting place of mystery and wonder.~ Lazaris

The possibilities are endless. The magic is limited only by our imaginations. In the traditions of our ancestry, and in the visions of our future, we gathered with Lazaris in the beautiful island of Maui for a very special Congress of Magicians… a very different kind of workshop. Together with Lazaris, and with an array of seen and unseen friends, magicians came together during three magical and mystical days to create a magical infusion of love for ourselves, our realities and for the Earth. In 2006, the Year of Mattering, we worked with finding and faceting our authenticity and our depth of caring and concern. During that time we were in the midst of fostering and fomenting not only our desires, but also the breadth of our dreams and visions as well as the breadth of our passions. It was a truly wonderful time to work with infusions of love. As with other Congresses of Magicians, the days were not about learning new technique or about exploring new ideas; they were about learning and experiencing much more, so much more, of ourselves. Whether it be for the first time,or you wish to experience anew, we invite you to give yourself this special opportunity for infusions of love and miraculous healing.

— — — — — —

Gathering of Magicians, Celebrating Grander Love

As with other Gatherings of Magicians, the Thursday evening in Maui was not the usual Evening with Lazaris. Instead of extended discussion, it was an unusually poignant and sacred time of loving . . . more loving that stood alone and that stood as a prelude to the Congress of Magicians with its focus upon healing the Earth. We brought our bounty and we basked in the radiant resonance of this amazing evening of celebrating … of making sacred, of making commitment, and of honoring love. Amid the magic, we were touched … touched by a grander love.

Production Credits:

Video Production – Terry Clancy & Andrew William
Sound Engineering – Terry Clancy & Andrew William
Sound Post Production – Eric Belluche
Video Editing – Eric Belluche
Graphic Design – Margie Deeb
Proofing/Testing – Alix Jamieson

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