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Earth Changes: Cresting the Wave+Dawning the Light


Earth Changes: Cresting the Wave+Dawning the Light

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During the November Culminating Weekends (1997), Lazaris explored the genuine negative possibilities and the genuine positive potentials of coming Earth Changes. In an exhilarating discussion, he spoke of the power of active and conscious participation to assure the Dream of the New World now destined to be. Then he explored in exquisite detail how we can consciously and actively participate. The final meditation of this seminar was an incredibly powerful one, and many of us wanted to have it so we could do it over and over again. Recorded here, Lazaris again speaks of the value and power of active and conscious participation: We are part of the mix; we are part of the equation of success and of the New World. We count; we matter. Following the newly-recorded discussion is an excerpt from the San Francisco weekend where Lazaris discusses 5 of the 7 ways to actively participate: Building our Buildings, Disarming and Dismantling the Negativity, Hearing the Music, Cresting the Wave/Dawning the Light, and working with our Great Awakening Crystal. It is a delightful and profound discussion.Then Lazaris recorded the Cresting the Wave Meditation … the meditation that concluded the Culminating Weekend of that year. It is a meditation you will cherish for so many years to come. You will want to do this meditation over and over again. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours …

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Meditation: Cresting the Wave/Dawning the Light

Keywords: Active Participation, Great Awakening Crystal, Presence, Artistry of Being, Community, Spirituality, Trust, Trustworthiness, Abundance, Freedom, Dismantle, Disarming negativity

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