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The Great Awakening


The Great Awakening

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There is a Great Awakening happening. There is a new wave surging upon the horizons of our reality, and it is growing exponentially. The domain of Spirituality is awakening. The Earth is waking up, and crystals from all parts of the world are waking up. And humankind is waking up as never before. This is how Lazaris describes this monumental time in our lives. Lazaris also explains that we, among the larger sweep of humankind, are awake. He adds that it is now time for us to awaken at a deeper level: Now is the time for our Great Awakening. Being there for us at our time of awakening, Lazaris lays out the three knowings: knowing what puts us to sleep, knowing the map of seeking without responsibility, and knowing that fundamental choice to be less than a winner. He speaks of our turning: Turning to our Spirituality for motivation and momentum. Then he speaks of the doing: We need to make a new fundamental choice; we need to step more solidly upon the map of seeking with responsibility and accountability. We also need to use the magic we know to refuse and reject our anesthetics, prisons, poisons, and bottom lines. Knowing, turning, and doing, our awakening can be great. Following this powerful discussion, Lazaris offers us a beautifulRitual of Great Awakening. Its stages: Initiation, Challenge, Indebtedness, Cloaking and Cocooning in Love, Subconscious, Inner Vision, Great Awakening.Lazaris concludes this evening with a discussion of technique including finding and working with our Great Awakening Crystal. You will want to listen to this tape over and over again. Meditation (“The Ritual of Great Awakening”) included.

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Meditation: Ritual of Great Awakening Meditation

Keywords: "Great Awakening," Anesthetic, Prison, Poison, Bottom Line, "Map of Seeking," "Fundamental Choice," Ritual, Awakening, Crystal, "Great Awakening Crystal"

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