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Stop Negativity in Its Tracks


Stop Negativity in Its Tracks

Product #6015


There are several different types of crises: physical ones dealing with survival and security, emotional ones dealing with belonging and esteem, mental crises dealing with creativity and productivity — and spiritual crises that deal with personal expansion, with image and identity, or with eruptions from the Unconscious Mind. Whichever, crises always seem to make us feel changes are happening too fast, and that our inner state is so demanding we cannot cope. Lazaris’ exploration of the nature of crisis is, in itself, a tremendous help at times like this, and the meditation — a Banishing Ritual from theAlchemy of Adversity weekend seminar — helps us quite literally stop the negativity in its tracks, bringing us back into dominion over the crisis itself.This recording works marvelously well with The Crisis Meditation (1 hour).

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Meditation: Banishing Ritual Meditation (with Higher Self)

Keywords: Crisis, Banishing Ritual, The Elements, Spiritual Crisis, Unconscious, Higher Self, Health, Productivity, Creativity, Negativity

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