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Shop : Lazaris Series : Healing Subconscious Patterns (Red Label) : Monetary Success + Personal Success

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Monetary Success + Personal Success


Monetary Success + Personal Success

Product #311


These titles help create new patterns within your subconscious mind so you can more easily create success. The guided meditations employ affirmations and evocative visual imagery. Because it is common to feel guilty about wanting more money, we recommend listening to the recording, Ending Guilt if you feel that it is an obstacle for you in achieving financial success.

Monetary Success: Meditate with this recording once a day for 7 days. It is best to remain conscious while meditating. If you wish to listen more than once a day, additional sessions may be done while sleeping. Once you have consciously listened to this recording, you can continue to listen once a week in a meditative but fully conscious state, or you can also allow yourself to drift off to sleep while listening.

Personal Success: If you want to work only with Personal Success, it is best to meditate with Monetary Success at least twice before working with the  Personal Success meditation. Begin with meditating once per day for 14 days. Remain conscious during each meditation. Thereafter, work with this recording once a week for a month (4 more times) and then every week, as desired. Of course, you can work with the recording more often, if you like. It is best to remain awake while working with the Personal Success.

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Meditation: Monetary Success Meditation / Personal Success Meditation

Keywords: Money, Success, Abundance, Creation, Guilt

Price: $29.95

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