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Shop : Lazaris Series : Healing Subconscious Patterns (Red Label) : Handling Depression + Handling Loneliness

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Handling Depression + Handling Loneliness


Handling Depression + Handling Loneliness

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Depression is a tough issue to handle for many people, because both its causes and its healing are so often misunderstood. Lazaris’ description of the pain of depression and the hopelessness that often surrounds it is filled with compassion. Lazaris explains what depression really is: layers upon layers of gauze-like anger that have never been expressed and have gained enough weight over time to literally hold us down. When we are held down, we become disconnected from those around us, leading to what can be a paralyzing loneliness. Lazaris’ meditations on this subject have been described by many as the most liberating material available on depression, and they work.

Begin with Handling Depression and listen twice a day for 7 days. It is best to stay awake while listening, as sleep is often an escape from depression. However, the recording can be effective while asleep, just not as effective.

After 7 days, listen to Handling Loneliness either awake or asleep twice a day for another 7 days.

After the 2-week period, listen to Handling Depression and Handling Loneliness once a day for 8 days. This cycle will set the new positive energy in your subconscious and will help establish a resonance pattern to attract a more positive reality.

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Meditation: Handling Depression Meditation / Handling Loneliness Meditation

Keywords: Depression, Loneliness

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