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Shop : Lazaris Series : For Children : Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 11 +)

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Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 11 +)


Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 11 +)

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This recording from the Lazaris and Beky Series is a gift of understanding about the thorny issue for teenagers of knowing how to express their emotions, and for developing the skills to communicate effectively with parents at a time when communication is perhaps the roughest. This tape effectively helps teenagers avoid the trap of becoming clogged up with unexpressed emotions and helps them share their issues and concerns in a mature way. And it is an effective a tool for parents of teenagers as it helps them gain an understanding and empathy for the intensity teenagers are trying to cope with, and gives them guidelines for communicating with teenagers that will benefit both.

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Meditation: Meditation for Expressing Emotions for Teenagers

Keywords: children, Communicating with Parents (Teenagers), Teenagers, Expressing Emotions (Teenagers)

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