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Healing the Child Within


Healing the Child Within

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Here is a beautiful four-week process (take longer if you like) to truly heal the Inner Child. First you meet your Child in the place where the Child goes to hide when it’s lonely, angry, or in pain. Over the month, you will meet your Child here daily to hear it speak, then to assure your Child that you will never leave — even when it’s healed. And then the helpers begin to appear: the child’s friends, your Counselors and your Higher Self, and Lazaris. And all begin to love and heal the Child. During the whole period there is a musical Blending with Lazaris that is used. By the end of the process, immense healing has gone on, and the process culminates when the Child enters the Ball of Light which is Lazaris so that Lazaris can complete the Child’s healing. A very, very beautiful experience for the Inner Child — and for us. (30 minutes)

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