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Utilizing the Unknown Powers of the Magical Child


Utilizing the Unknown Powers of the Magical Child

Product #474


The Magical Child arrives with its favorite toy — a hoop and stick. They know the Highest Truths and always remembers that life is a gift from God / Goddess / All That Is. They forgive unconditionally. And they have access to the Higher Realms. They can have untold impact upon magic, healing, processing and programming, manifestation, and success. First Lazaris illuminates the negative ambition, self-centeredness, victimhood, martyrhood and defensiveness that obscure our vision of the Magical Child — and helps us slip past them. Then he shows us how to create a mystical Domain of the Magical Child, a place where we meet them, and gives us techniques which include talking to the sleeping Magical Child and bringing them gifts. Includes a Blending with Lazaris. A beautiful, enchanting meditation opens the door to a life sprinkled with the mystical gifts of the Magical Child. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours.

Audio Sample

Meditation: Magical Child Meditation

Keywords: Magical Child, Highest Truth, Negative Ambition, Forgiveness, Higher Realms, Gift Technique, Domain of the Magical Child

Price: $24.95

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