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Shop : Lazaris Series : For Children : Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 4-10)

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Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 4-10)


Expressing Emotions and Communicating with Parents (Ages 4-10)

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The establishment of childhood habits of effectively expressing emotions and of patterns of communication that work can have lifelong beneficial results. On this recording, part of the Lazaris & Beky Series, Lazaris and Beky help children (and their parents) learn positive ways of expressing emotions and tools for communicating that can help even very young children experience a “win” in the intimacy they have with their parents. The meditations are charming and enchanting and geared to the magical quality of a child’s imagination. A boon for children in its capacity to give powerful skills in an often nebulous area of experience, it is also recommended for parents of small children, their teachers, and caregivers.

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Meditation: Children's Meditations for Expressing Emotions

Keywords: Emotions, Communication with Parents, Child

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