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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

Working with Futures

Blog: Working with Futures

By Jach

A Grouping of Questions with Jach’s Replies from the Online Conferences

Question: Hi Jach! During ‘The Joy of Right Living: Crafting the Future and Creating the Present’ workshops Lazaris talked about ‘anchoring futures’. Would you please say more about what they are and possibly give a couple of examples? Thanks!!


Humm … Anchoring futures are somewhat of a mystery to me, too. I think of them as the ones with gravity … referencing the earlier question about core beliefs and then about our choice cubes. I think of anchoring futures as being akin to the choices we make that form our choice cube, for example. I think of anchoring futures as the futures out of which emerge our core beliefs and then as the futures that feed or fuel those core beliefs. And you know, Holly, it ties into our dark law or dark laws as well.

The future creates the present. The future creates the present. I often remind myself of that by saying it over and over to sort of let it sink in all over again. So where does our current choice cube come from? The answer has to be the future, doesn’t it? Now, it is laid against the backdrop of the past, but it is created in the future.

I think those futures that generate our fundamental beliefs are the anchoring futures. They are not necessarily optimal or optimum, are they? And they are not clearly beacon or archetypal futures. I would be hard pressed to call them destiny futures, either. But there are certain futures whose primary or even sole function is to form and then feed our fundamental beliefs.

As an example, the fundamental choice: ‘I will always seek to be my truer self.’ Where did that come from? It didn’t come from the past, not really. The idea came ‘out of the blue’ and we attached it to a reference point from the past. First person … I had this idea that I will always try to be my truer self … novel idea … and it floated by one day … or Lazaris mentioned it on a tape I was listening to and I decided that it was a neat idea. So I decided to do that. I may attach it to the past, i.e., come up with things in my past that encourage me to try to be my truer self. But the actual fundamental choice came out of the future.

And now that I have adopted it as my own, it needs energy to grow and expand. If I don’t feed it, it will die. Where does the food come from? My knee jerk answer is to say from the past, but that really isn’t true. There is nothing in my past that can feed this choice that forms my choice cube. The food comes from the future.

Okay, those futures that create and feed the fundamentals of my life … be they fundamental beliefs, fundamental choices, core beliefs, fundamental or core attitudes, etc., … the fundamentals of my life are the stuff that make up Anchoring Futures.

Now, some of what are Anchoring Futures may be optimal and optimum and have a splash of the archetypal to them. I suspect they do. And those Anchoring Futures most likely bounce around and influence the Beacon Futures, too. Remember, Lazaris describes the relationships of the various futures as a matrix … it is fluid and flexible … it moves and shifts and grows. And he calls it an Organic Matrix of Futures.

So I think it is self-sustaining. We do contribute to the futures, that’s true. But the futures in our Organic Matrix of Futures do not depend upon us remembering to feed them. Good grief! That’s a scary thought, actually. What if our Organic Matrix of Futures depended on us to remember to feed it? We would all be dead. I mean, surely we would forget and the darn thing would starve to death. [s] So we do feed it, but just in case we are human [s], our futures feed themselves as well. Well, that’s how I think of it anyway. [s]

You ask about examples? Well, I can’t think of any specific example. And you know, Holly, I am not altogether sure the Anchoring or the Beacon Futures are well formed. I am not sure they are storyline oriented as pipeline, optimal, optimum, or destiny future are. They may be more like fractals. Now please, don’t ask me why I think that: I don’t know why. It just seems that anchoring Futures anchor with substance, gravity, or weight. They don’t need to make sense or be linear in their expression.

Question: Hi, Jach! On "The Magic of Receiving," Lazaris talks about the importance of disengaging (from the lie) and engaging the future. I seem to focus on the disengaging part.[s] Would you share some of your favorite techniques for engaging? Thanks!


Engaging the future: Dreaming. Actually, I like to work with fantasy … I like to fantasize about the future as a way of engaging it. This is not as formal as weeding and seeding the future or as working with any of the various types of futures (beacon futures, archetypal futures, optimal, or optimum futures are the ones that are easiest to seed).

I just sit and spontaneously fantasize … I let the fantasies flow without any censorship or judgment. That’s how it begins. Sometimes I very consciously include my child and adolescent (more often my child because my adolescent fantasies are often absurd). Those fantasies hop all over the place. I let them happen. It might be called daydreaming, but it is often less focused than that.

Once the fantasies slow down, and they do slow down, I then turn to my Higher Self, and I open my unconscious mind: I ask for the fantasia. I ask for the insight or the knowing (okay, I will settle for an awareness or two) that can come from this array of fantasy. I don’t try to force it. I ask. I make my intention known. I become silent and still and wait. Sometimes I fall asleep. Sometimes I get tired or bored with waiting. So I get up and go about my day. Often the response will come later that day or in the next several days. That insight or awareness is the kernel I use to connect to my dreams, my hopes, my wishes, my desires that are the future. That is the kernel that becomes the seed for new dreams. And out of that seed and dream come new ideas of what to do now in my life.

That’s how I disengage from the past … from the lie. That’s how I shift out of obsessing on the past or the lie or the negative stuff my negative ego would love me to indulge. It’s hard to break free sometimes, but this approach seems to work for me once I have cut those ties. Thanks for asking. I hadn’t thought about this in a while. It was helpful to me.

Question: Could you talk a bit what ‘Right Living’ is all about? Thank you.


Right living … Oh, it’s been a while. [s] I mean it’s been awhile since I have thought about that as a topic, not that it’s been a while since I’ve done it. [g]

The future creates the present … we are coming to know this. More than just understanding the concept, we are experiencing the impact and the power of the future more and more. So we work with creating positive futures … We weed the negative ones that are in the pipeline of futures. We seed positive ones to place in that same pipeline. We work with an array of futures. Among them are beacon futures (my favorite) that are out there to serve as their name implies, as beacons in the sea of possibility and in the sea of the unknown. We can change futures as part of our magical workings to create a better reality now. But we can also create futures.

Changing, creating, what’s the difference?

Well, when we think about it, the difference can be significant. Changing is working with the futures that have already been created. Changing is working with futures that we have conjured in weak or frightened (or angry) moments, futures that we crafted as children or adolescents or when we were giving sway to them, and futures that we have lifted out of the past and tossed into the ‘things to come’ for a variety of reasons. Changing has to do with reviewing the ‘hand we were dealt’ and doing something about it. Change is good. [vbg] It’s a whole lot better than the attitude of those who say we must accept that hand that was dealt.

But we don’t have to rely on only changing, we can create future. Okay. And we can create futures that we never would have otherwise created. Right Living is a term that could be construed as a roadmap for those new futures, futures that have never been, that we can create. Some of those Right Living futures can be Optimal or Optimum Futures, or they could be Beacon Futures or Archetypal Futures. They might even be Destiny Futures. As we create them as such, some can flow into the pipeline and become our reality. But even if not that, they can influence the futures that do make it into the pipeline destined to manifest in our reality. Okay.

Right Living offers guidelines for crafting futures … for creating them. Detachment/intensity is one concept that goes into Right Living. Do the futures we conjure — that we imagine — express a sense of detachment that at the same time involves intensity? Another concept involved in laying the foundation for Right Living is complexity/integrity. That is, do the futures we seek to create, that we seed, reflect complexity, and is there space for all of who we are? Is there space for the weak and the strong of us? Does the particular future have integrity … our integrity?

And the third component of the foundation of Right Living is the voice of spirit. Does this future that we are creating have a voice (presence), and is that voice that of our spirit. Detachment/Intensity; Complexity/Integrity; Voice of Spirit … these are the cornerstones of Right Living and thus of the futures we want to create fresh and new.

Upon this foundation come the issues of Chivalry and our work — our true work. Upon the foundation we add courage, loyalty, virtue, etc. (the components of chivalry), and we add the energies of our true — our rewarding — work. And then there is the breath of soul. Is there a vibrancy of soul? In this crafted future, is there music? Foundation, substance, and now the action. The final components have to do with wisdom with dominion, and with authenticity.

So as we work with what future we want, we can play around with the stuff to have and the things to do. And that’s important. We can allow our fantasies to be conscious so we might find the fantasia within them. We can work with the magic of claiming and demanding and with our subconscious and our unconscious. This work can be incredibly rewarding. And then as we cull the information that comes from this work, we can give it form. We can mold it into this foundation: detachment/intensity, complexity/integrity, and a voice of our spirit. We can create an armature of substance: chivalry, work, and the breath of soul. And then we can make it distinctively and uniquely our own with wisdom, dominion, authenticity.

Then we can let the power of the future … of crafted futures … do its thing. And our present reality will reflect and express the qualities more and more. Our illusion, a reflection of something more real, can be a reflection of the Right Living we have consciously and meticulously put into the future. For me, that’s what Right Living is all about. [s]

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