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In our blog, you’ll find information about metaphysics and spirituality from Lazaris and Jach, excerpts from Lazaris recordings and interviews, travelogues from Jach’s adventures around the world, and Alisonn’s “Soul Writings.”

Working with Destiny

Blog: Working with Destiny

By Jach

A Grouping of Questions with Jach’s Replies from the Online Conferences

Working with Destiny

There’s almost nothing more mysterious: Destiny even sounds as if it is imposed from without, having nothing to do with our conscious choice. In fact, there is destiny that is given and destiny which is chosen. As these excerpts from OnLine Conferences show, destiny is a complex of Fate, Fortune, Forces and the Inevitable, with a magical Empowered Destiny emerging when we consciously work with the Forces of Destiny. And in the midst of life in which destiny already operates, we can place programs in our destiny, knowing that anything placed within its umbrage and radiance will come to pass.

Note: In these discussions, Jach refers to several seminars. The intensive he refers to is not available as a recording, but there are several evening workshops and discussions which are. To find their descriptions in The Lazaris Material section, please click on these links:

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Q: Would you please discuss Destiny and the inherent calling to be the Magician? As in self-chosen? Much, much earlier?


Destiny is a really powerful concept, and I used to think that it was in contradiction to the ideas of conscious reality creation. I was thinking of it in the old consensus ways and in the ways of religions from earlier in the twentieth century and in the century before.

The paradox: If something is destined to be, then how can you say you consciously create your own reality? If something is destined, how can you say time and space are illusions of your creation? I pondered this paradox for years, and it was a source of a great deal of highly productive energy. In a joking way, I say that I am sort of sad to see that paradox leave (be resolved), as I will miss it. [g]

Now, there are several kinds of destiny, I suppose. The two most common are given and chosen.

There is a timeless and spaceless sense of destiny that is our Soul’s sense of destiny for us. As our Soul’s sense of destiny, it becomes our Higher Self’s sense of destiny, too. And it becomes the destiny that God/Goddess/All That Is holds for us as well. I think that our Soul’s destiny is not so much fate. Fate is more a function of *our* choice and *our* free will. But Soul’s destiny has to do with fortune. It has to do with the issue of abundance again. [g] And Soul’s destiny has to do with the power that determines the course of events in our lives.

That power is dubbed ‘unknown’ in our world because few people know that they even have a Soul. They know the word and they use the word, but most people — even most within the New Age — don’t really have a working relationship or a working sense of Soul, do they? I don’t think so.

So I think Soul’s destiny, or the destiny given to us by God/Goddess/All That Is, is about our fortune and our abundance. It’s about power, known and unknown, which we can call upon to guide us and that will determine the course of events, by our choice and by our free will.

Now, when I say fortune and abundance, I don’t mean that God/Goddess/All That Is determines our financial well-being. But I do mean that they give us the full and total, the bountiful potential to be … bountiful, autonomous, exalted in our giving, co-creating in our reality, actively participating, conscious of our participation, and celebratory and triumphant. Who among us could not do any and all of these things? There are many in the world who just won’t or who refuse to do them. But we can do each. The destiny to seek success, abundance, and prosperity is our fortune, and it is given to us.

There is also the sense of the inevitable that is called destiny. And when I listen to Lazaris talk about it, I really see what he is saying. The inevitable is our choosing because the inevitable is linked to our identity and our image. So it seems that issues of fate and the inevitable are of our making and of our chosen destiny. And issues of fortune and of powers that determine the course of events are more linked to our given destiny. Now, when I say that, the concepts of fortune and powers are also very personal ones and part of a chosen destiny as well.

To finish answering your question, the most exciting part of all this is this: Whatever falls within the umbrage (shadow) or the radiance of our destiny will truly come to pass; it will be ours. I have to say, I have never found an exception to this truth. [g]

Q: Empowered destiny … How is that unique from what we normally think of as destiny?


Well, I am not sure of how you normally think of destiny, but Lazaris talked about how we have the chosen destinies within this lifetime and the chosen destiny of this lifetime. And then we have given destiny that is carried by our Soul from one lifetime to another. Like our Soul, that given destiny is always available; it is always there whenever we choose to give attention to it.

Lazaris explored with us the components of destiny and how they work. During the evening recording from Allowing Destiny to Work for You Lazaris talked of Fate, Fortune, the Inevitable, and the Forces that determine the course of events in our lives. In the discussions of destiny from years earlier, Lazaris has talked of the role of our life focuses, our identity, our image, and our motivation/momentum as they relate to discovering destiny and then as they relate to directing destiny.

Empowered destiny comes when we can work with these components — when we can work with the voices of destiny, as Lazaris refers to them. When we can hear and understand the voices of destiny, then we can understand the resonance that emerges from those voices.

With this understanding, we can discover that we have authored the chosen destinies within this lifetime and the chosen destiny of this lifetime. And we can step further and discover how we authored the given destiny, the one given to us by God/Goddess/All That Is and by our Soul. We can understand the destiny that began in Sirius for those of us who work with Lazaris.

With this understanding, even in its rudimentary beginnings, we can touch what Lazaris calls the primordial destiny that is made up of Fate, that is born of preconceptual beliefs and of choices made before choice existed. We can be touched by the primordial of our fortune, which is not luck and chance but rather is magic and choice. We can be touched by magic before there was magic.

Out of all this, we can discover how incredibly powerful the tool of destiny can be. Whatever falls within its radiance shall be ours, Lazaris has reminded us often. Well, this becomes profoundly true when we will own the authorship of what lies in the umbrage of destiny. So, when we can fully own that we wrote the umbrage of our destiny, we can fully receive the bounty of its umbrage.

Q: In Destiny, the fourth factor is the Unknown. Would you share some of what this is for you and what you have seen? To clarify … This event was more than a watershed for me.


Each time Lazaris has done a workshop on destiny, I have listened to the recording. Destiny was a powerful concept to me. But I never really ‘got it’ about how precisely powerful it could be. When I reviewed the recording of this workshop, I was stunned in the most magical way. It is as if the calibrations for observing and measuring my reality had changed, and thus my world was different. Anyway, the fourth component of the synergy that is destiny: Unknown. Actually, the fourth component is the unknown forces that determine the course of events in your life. The shorthand for that is the Unknown. [s]

There is this thing that God/Goddess/All That Is gives us. Our Soul is the messenger of this gift. God/Goddess/All That Is gives us a destiny. They give us this eternal resonance. They give us this immortal synergy. And it has four voices. It has four constituent voices, voices that count and that matter. One of those voices is fate while another is fortune. A third voice is the inevitable in any given lifetime. And the fourth voice inside this gift is an unknown force that does and will determine the course of events in our lives. That fourth voice will listen to our fate and fortune; it will take into account what is inevitable in our lifetime. It will listen and heed what it hears. And our fate, fortune, and the inevitable will be a part of the unknown — unlimited and unconstrained (free) — force that will determine what manifests in our reality and what does not.

It’s an amazing gift we have been given. In our difficulty to receive, we have twisted the meaning of fate to a sinister voice. We have run from fortune because we fear the magic and choice involved in it. We have called it luck and chance instead. Running from it, good fortune is distant for most. They are left with bad luck, bad fortune. And the inevitable and the unknown forces? They have become frightening voices. But when we can receive this incredible gift, the voices can be clear and beautiful. And that fourth voice, the one of the unknown forces, doesn’t have to be unknown at all.

When we empower ourselves … when we know we are the author and give ourselves permission to continue to author our reality … we can make or allow our motivation and momentum to be those forces. Our motivation and our momentum can be the forces that determine the course of events in our reality. Now, if those motivations are dark and constricting and the momentum is faulty, well then, we will want to hold it — we will want to pretend — that these forces are unknown to us. After all, who wants to admit that the negative and nasty motivations are theirs and that they are known?

But when the motivation is light (multidimensional, multi-emotional, for the thrill, for the dominion, for the wisdom, freedom and for the eternity of it) and the momentum (love, intimacy, magic, choice, mysterious/mystical/miraculous, majestic, and then the magnificent), and the momentum is strong and forward moving, then we can stand up and know those forces. And these forces, light motivation and loving momentum can determine the course of events in our reality. We can hear the voices of fate, of fortune, of the inevitable, and of the ‘unknown’ now to be known forces, which determine the course of events in our reality. And when we do, we can receive the gift as God/Goddess/All That Is intended to give it.

Q: Can you discuss the technique for putting something you want to create into your destiny?


I am not aware of a specific technique that Lazaris has discussed, but here is what I do:

1. I think about the concept: Whatever falls within the radiance or the umbrage of destiny surely will come to pass. I think about that a lot when I want to bring a particular desire or dream into alignment with my destiny. I go over this concept and allow myself to feel the juice of it. I allow myself to see the beautiful pattern of understanding within that concept. I suppose that what I am doing is setting up and allowing a particular resonance to develop or to appear.

2. Then I break down the concept to understand its implication more fully. For example, I think about what would be something that falls within the umbrage … the shadow … of my destiny. I think about what might fall within the dark shadow of my destiny … Does destiny have a dark shadow? Of course. We live in a universe of duality. If our destiny is real, then it has a light shadow and it has a dark one, just as it has a radiance, and that radiance can express itself as dark or light radiance.

So I think of things that could fall within the shadow of my destiny … dark things and light things. The umbrage is the backdrop or the foundation or the stuff out of which destiny emerges. I do the same thing with examples of what might be in the radiance of my destiny … within the future expression of my destiny.

3. I work to clean up the umbrage and the radiance. If I find something in the umbrage that I don’t want to have there or if I find something in the radiance that I don’t want to create, I ‘weed it out.’ I visualize doing just that very literally: I pluck it out of the umbrage or radiance. Sometimes I do further work with it; sometimes I just toss it. Either way, I get it out of the umbrage or the radiance, for if I don’t, I know it will surely come to pass.

4. Now I take the desire or dream that I began all this with. And I look to see how it fits with my destiny. I look for the logic and reason. I look for the consistency of this desire/dream with what has been and with what will be in my life, in my beliefs, and in my self-defined destiny. It if doesn’t ‘fit,’ I adjust it. I adjust it or drop it. In this way, I use my destiny as a yardstick to assess and evaluate the desire or dream.

Now, if it doesn’t fit and I drop it, what I mean is that I stop trying to make it a part of my destiny. That’s all. I may still want that desire/dream and I will still work magic to create it. It’s just that the working of magic won’t be using my destiny. I mean, not every desire I have has to fit with my destiny. If it does, and I place it in that alignment, great. It will come to pass. But if it doesn’t fit, I can still create it. I have lots of magical workings. [s] So, anyway, back to the 4th step. I see how it fits and either make it fit better, abandon it, or abandon the technique.

5. I metaphorically plant the desire/dream in the umbrage. I see its roots in the shadow of my destiny. I plant it in the radiance. I see its manifestation in the future. That is, I plant the seeds in the shadow… the earth … the umbrage, and I see the bloom in the light … the air … the radiance.

6. I ask for help from my Unseen Friends.

7. I celebrate the success that is going to happen. I celebrate the desire/dream that will come to pass because it is in the umbrage/radiance of my destiny.

I hope all this makes some sense. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly clear. But if it makes some sense, it can work as a map for you to create your own technique. [s]

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